If you’ve strayed from your op­ti­mal diet and are feel­ing the ef­fects don’t de­spair. Here’s how to re­set your­self for health ben­e­fits or to lose weight.

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Don’t worry if your diet has slipped – you can re­set it

So some time ago you de­cided to go low carb and had fab­u­lous re­sults – you felt bet­ter, looked amaz­ing and all your ‘thin’ clothes started fit­ting you again. Life was beau­ti­ful, clothes shop­ping was a dream and you swore you’d never go back to the old you, ever.

Then, life hap­pened. After a time – months, or years – you drifted back into old ways. You could have fallen off the wagon com­pletely or just got a bit lost along the way, and maybe you even gained some weight back. Con­grat­u­la­tions, you are hu­man, and you are not alone.

For many peo­ple events such as hol­i­days, birth­days and wed­dings ‘get in the way’ and we again take up the habits that made us over­weight or sick in the first place. Don’t beat your­self up about it: we’ve all been there – but don’t stay there. Get back to the ba­sics and re­boot your low-carb jour­ney.

De­cide on why you want to re­set. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be health­ier? Both? Are your en­ergy lev­els low? Is your re­flux and IBS start­ing to man­i­fest again? Has your weight crept back up? Next, pick a plan:

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