Re­searcher and com­men­ta­tor

Marie Claire (South Africa) - - GENDER REPORT -

‘I am pa­tient, kind of, be­cause con­ver­sa­tion is im­por­tant.Also, I AM CU­RI­OUS BY NA­TURE. So, I’d rather travel longer with a per­son and per­haps we might just teach one an­other a thing or two. I am re­ally stub­born, but I do not have the need to be right. I am evolv­ing and learn­ing all the time. If some­one comes along to help and cor­rect me, I do not get em­bar­rassed. Oh sure, I am al­ways in con­stant ar­gu­ments with my­self. THINGS ARE NOT AS SIM­PLE AS WE MAKE THEM TO BE. So, I live with my

con­tra­dic­tions in pri­vate and in pub­lic.’


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