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when Ge­orge Or­well penned his mas­ter­piece, Nine­teen Eighty-Four, lit­tle could he have imag­ined that decades later, re­al­ity would su­per­sede fic­tion, and that the lives of cer­tain in­di­vid­u­als – mere mor­tals and celebri­ties alike – would be un­der sur­veil­lance 24/7, not by a to­tal­i­tar­ian govern­ment or an om­nipresent leader, but by a so­ci­ety just as dystopian, mor­bid and hun­gry for en­ter­tain­ment as the one Or­well dreamt up.

Con­cepts such as Big Brother, The Real World and Sur­vivor gave rise to the ubiq­ui­tous re­al­ity-TV show, and few could have pre­dicted the es­ca­la­tion in rat­ings and the height of ex­trav­a­gance that would de­fine them – fac­tors that bring us rather seam­lessly to the topic of our fab­u­lous cover girls this is­sue.

Ken­dall and Kylie Jen­ner could well rep­re­sent a real-world ver­sion of The Tru­man Show. Re­spec­tively only 11 and nine years old when Keep­ing Up with the Kar­dashi­ans launched, they didn’t ex­actly choose to give up their pri­vacy overnight. How­ever, loosely linked to one of the most well-known sur­names in the US – no, not Kennedy… Kar­dashian – seven years ago they found them­selves with lit­tle choice but to join the fam­ily busi­ness and wel­come its new­est mem­ber: the cam­era­man.

Mak­ing sense of Ken­dall and Kylie’s fam­ily tree can be pretty com­pli­cated, but we’ll give it a bash: Kris Houghton, a flight at­ten­dant from San Diego, Cal­i­for­nia, mar­ried Robert Kar­dashian (you know, the in­fa­mous lawyer who de­fended OJ Simp­son), and had four chil­dren, Kourt­ney, Kim, Khloé and Rob. Fol­low­ing her di­vorce from Robert in 1991, Kris mar­ried Olympic ath­lete and busi­ness­man Bruce Jen­ner, who him­self had four chil­dren from pre­vi­ous mar­riages, namely Burt, Casey, Bran­don and Sam. Kris and Bruce pro­duced an­other two girls, Ken­dall and Kylie, and the rest, as they say, is his­tory.

Or is it? It’s hard to for­get the sex tape that put Kim Kar­dashian (Paris Hil­ton’s ex-BFF) and her then boyfriend Ray J in the spot­light in the first place.These days, it would ap­pear you’re no­body with­out a good sex tape. No­body. So, tak­ing ad­van­tage of her ‘bad girl’ im­age and the at­ten­tion her am­ple der­rière re­ceived in the me­dia, in 2007 Kim opened the doors to her home for the pi­lot sea­son of Keep­ing Up with the Kar­dashi­ans, in which she in­tro­duced her fam­ily to the world.

Nine sea­sons later and the fo­cus has shifted to the youngest of the brood: who cares about Kim and Kanye when you could have the scoop on Ken­dall and Harry Styles, or Kylie and Jaden Smith? The point is that, aside from lament­ing the fact that they are vic­tims of pop cul­ture, these girls have learnt how to ex­ploit their commercial po­ten­tial, lay­ing the foun­da­tion for an em­pire that in­cludes cloth­ing and jew­ellery lines, as well as as­pi­ra­tions of modelling and act­ing.

We caught up with the dy­namic duo dur­ing a photo shoot in Los Angeles, to which they ar­rived tailed by cam­eras from E! En­ter­tain­ment Tele­vi­sion – ob­vi­ously – who

doc­u­ment their ev­ery move, from their down­time and the ado­les­cent dra­mas that play out be­tween them to their par­ents’ re­cent di­vorce. What do we make of all this? Well, we’ll just keep watch­ing, shall we?

MC: First, won’t you tell us about your home in Cal­i­for­nia?

Ken­dall: We live in a sub­ur­ban area 30 min­utes from the city. It’s kind of a horsey com­mu­nity, very dif­fer­ent to Hol­ly­wood!

MC: Do you like to ride?

Ken­dall: Yes! We love it. I’ve been rid­ing since I was 10.We go rid­ing ev­ery sum­mer – we love horses.

MC: What’s it like, a day in the life of a teenage celebrity? Ken­dall: People think our lives are very dif­fer­ent, but the truth is we do the same stuff ev­ery­body else does.

Kylie: We like to sur­round our­selves with good friends in or­der to keep things as nor­mal as pos­si­ble. But ev­ery time we get home we’re hounded by pa­parazzi, so it’s not en­tirely nor­mal, but we do try.

MC: What sort of things do you do for fun? Ken­dall: We love go­ing to Magic Moun­tain – an en­ter­tain­ment park with roller-coaster rides and other fun games. It can get a lit­tle frus­trat­ing these days, be­cause we get ac­costed more, but we al­most al­ways en­joy our­selves.

MC: What’s your best child­hood mem­ory? Ken­dall: I’m not sure it’s my best mem­ory, but cer­tainly the clear­est one I have is when I cut off all of Kylie’s hair!

Kylie: It was pretty funny. What I re­mem­ber is that I wouldn’t go any­where as a kid with­out Ken­dall.

Ken­dall: She was ob­sessed with me. Kylie: I used to fol­low her every­where, we’d sleep in the same bed… if she got up at night, I would too. I wanted to be with her ev­ery minute; we even used to co­or­di­nate our out­fits.

MC: Did you get into trou­ble to­gether or play pranks on oth­ers? Ken­dall: We do that more now; we can be pretty mean. We’ve locked our par­ents out of the house in the rain.

Kylie: One Christ­mas, my brother brought his wife to visit – well, they had only been dat­ing a cou­ple of weeks at that time. It was the first time she was meet­ing our fam­ily. I slammed the door in her face. She must have thought it was such a plea­sure to meet me!

MC: You guys are role mod­els for a gen­er­a­tion of teenagers, not only in the US, but in all the coun­tries in which Keep­ing Up with the Kar­dashi­ans airs. What’s the mes­sage you’d like to put out there?

Kylie: We try to be the best role mod­els we can be. Some­times, we have to take a step back and be thank­ful for all the op­por­tu­ni­ties we’ve been given. In some in­stances, we have the power to bring about change. Ev­ery now and then we’ll have a moan about be­ing in the pub­lic eye and hounded by the pa­parazzi, but the re­al­ity is that it’s pre­cisely be­cause of this that we have been able to achieve the things we have.

Ken­dall: I think the most im­por­tant thing we’ve learnt is that you’re only young once, and so you have to en­joy it while you can.

MC: Do you sup­port any char­i­ties or NGOs? Do you do any char­ity work your­selves?

Ken­dall: Yes, we fre­quently sup­port and visit the pa­tients at the Chil­dren’s Hospi­tal Los Angeles. Kylie: We also give do­na­tions.

MC: What have you learnt from that ex­pe­ri­ence? Ken­dall: You re­ally learn to be grate­ful for what you have.An ill­ness such as cancer can come out of nowhere and can af­fect any­one. It teaches you to live in the mo­ment.

MC: What’s your favourite fairy tale?

Kylie: I’d have to say Alice in Won­der­land. Ken­dall: Sleep­ing Beauty… I love the part where her dress changes colour and she’s so beau­ti­ful. I also love Cin­derella.

MC: You’ve been in the pub­lic eye since you were kids, but now you’re branch­ing out as busi­ness­women. Can you tell us a lit­tle about your cur­rent projects? Ken­dall: We launched our own cloth­ing line a cou­ple of months ago.We de­signed ev­ery­thing our­selves and have been very in­volved in the en­tire process.

MC: Where do you find your in­spi­ra­tion?

Kylie: In our fam­ily, our sis­ters, our grand­mother.We also love trawl­ing Tum­blr. My sis­ter’s fi­ancé, Kanye, is also very in­spir­ing.

MC: So is it just cloth­ing? What about ac­ces­sories?

Ken­dall: It’s mainly cloth­ing, but we also have a jew­ellery line.

MC: Who are the de­sign­ers you most ad­mire and most like to wear?

Kylie: I like Katie Eary, Alexan­der Wang, Givenchy and Pyrex – I be­lieve they’ve man­aged to trans­form ca­sual clothes into high fash­ion.

Ken­dall: Acne and Ma­son.

MC: Ken­dall, in ad­di­tion to de­sign­ing, we know you have as­pi­ra­tions to be­come a model. What made you de­cide to ex­plore that?

Ken­dall: I’ve al­ways en­joyed watch­ing su­per­mod­els, and I kind of wanted to be one be­cause I ad­mire them so much. Even when I was lit­tle, I would pore over my mom’s mag­a­zines… I al­ways thought mod­els were so beau­ti­ful and el­e­gant and cool.

MC: Who is your favourite model? Ken­dall: I love Gisele Bünd­chen, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Hunt­ing­ton-White­ley.

MC: And what would be your dream cam­paign? Ken­dall: Prob­a­bly Chanel, Burberry and Ralph Lauren – I’d love to work with any of them.

MC: On the other hand, Kylie, you’re drawn to act­ing, right?

Kylie: For now, I’m fo­cused on de­sign­ing, and I think I’d like to study fur­ther when I’m 18. But I can’t deny that act­ing has a cer­tain al­lure! I’d prob­a­bly re­gret it for­ever if I didn’t at least try it.

MC: Have you taken part in any theatre pro­duc­tions?

Kylie: Yes, I al­ways took part in the school play and in events that our com­mu­nity put on.

MC: Which was your favourite role? Kylie: I was the lead in The Princess and the Pea.

MC: Would you like to work as a de­signer at a ma­jor fash­ion house?

Kylie: I would – prob­a­bly for Givenchy, but I’d also be happy de­sign­ing graphic T-shirts for Pyrex!

MC: The ninth sea­son of your show has just be­gun. Do you think you’re go­ing to miss the dy­namic when it’s all over?

Kylie: It’s go­ing to be very strange when we’re no longer in front of the cam­era, be­cause that’s been our life since we were kids. I can’t re­ally imag­ine what it will be like… it would def­i­nitely be clos­ing a chap­ter.

MC: De­scribe yourself in a few words.

Kylie: My sense of hu­mour can be pretty dra­matic… some people think I’m se­ri­ous, but I’m ac­tu­ally be­ing sar­cas­tic [much] of the time. I think I can be fairly ec­cen­tric, but I’m also ac­ces­si­ble and laid-back.

Ken­dall: I’m com­pletely the op­po­site, much more re­served. But I’m also in­de­pen­dent, and I’m cer­tainly no so­cial but­ter­fly like Kylie.

MC: Is there any­thing you can’t live with­out… an ob­ject or item that you can’t leave the house with­out?

Kylie: I couldn’t live with­out my jew­ellery. I have these five ear­rings that I never take off; they’re like part of my body now. Ken­dall: My phone. I don’t re­ally carry a bag most days; I can leave the house with­out one. Maybe shoes… I couldn’t leave with­out shoes.

MC: What’s your best beauty se­cret? Ken­dall: I use eye cream. My sis­ter said I should start now, to pre­vent wrin­kles. I wash my face morn­ing and night, and I lather on sun­screen.

Kylie: I prob­a­bly shouldn’t ad­mit this, but I love make-up and I use hair ex­ten­sions.

MC: Many people turn to cos­metic surgery to main­tain their look or im­prove it. Is there any­thing you would con­sider do­ing in the fu­ture?

Ken­dall: I don’t re­ally know what I’ll feel like af­ter hav­ing kids or what I might con­sider when I’m older.

MC: What is your favourite make-up brand? And favourite prod­ucts?

Ken­dall: I love Gior­gio Ar­mani foun­da­tion and Lancôme mas­cara. Those are my top prod­ucts.

Kylie: I use the en­tire Cover FX line, and L’Oréal liq­uid liner, which is in­ex­pen­sive.You can find it at most depart­ment stores.

MC: We know you love mu­sic.Who are your favourite artists or bands?

Ken­dall: I love dif­fer­ent artists, but if I hear a good song, I don’t care who sings it. If I had to pick some­one, maybe Ri­hanna, Drake and Bey­oncé. Kylie: Kanye West.

MC: Who is your role model?

Kylie: My fam­ily. They work re­ally hard, and they’re good to oth­ers.They also know how to ap­pre­ci­ate what they’ve got.

MC: What did you think of your photo ses­sion with Marie Claire Mex­ico and Latin Amer­ica? Ken­dall: It was in­cred­i­ble! It was a new ex­pe­ri­ence for Kylie, which was so cool, be­cause it shows her in a dif­fer­ent light.

Ken­dall and Kylie in Tory Burch


Clock­wise from top Ken­dall (left) and Kylie at the 2014 launch of their collection for Mad­den Girl; with dad Bruce and mom Kris, 2003; Ken­dall

on the Chanel A/W ’14 cat­walk; (from left) Ken­dall

with half-sis­ters Khloé and Kourt­ney

Kar­dashian, and sis­ter Kylie. Op­po­site from left

Kim Kar­dashian, Mario Testino and Ken­dall, New York,

2013; Ken­dall at the Top­shop Unique A/W ’14 show with

Anna Win­tour, Sir Philip Green and Kate Moss.

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