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gem­ini (22 MAY – 22 JUNE)

In June, you will find yourself draw­ing on skills and ex­pe­ri­ences that you had al­most for­got­ten you ever at­tained. But, like a great artist, a fine sci­en­tist or a nat­u­ral per­former, you are never go­ing to lose the magic that makes you spe­cial.You’ve al­ways had what it takes and you’ve still got it. Are you equal to the task? Of course. Will you need to go be­yond wher­ever you have been be­fore? Quite pos­si­bly. But if you treat the chal­lenge aris­ing be­fore you as an op­por­tu­nity to shine, your in­ner star won’t let you down. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(23 JUN – 23 JUL) When we know some­thing, we tend to as­sume that the rest of the world knows it too.If it is ob­vi­ous to you, why should it not be ob­vi­ous to ev­ery­one? It’s amaz­ing, though, how of­ten two people who work in the same of­fice or live in the same house can each have ac­cess to in­for­ma­tion that the other knows noth­ing about.Not un­til a very spe­cific ques­tion is raised does this ever come to light. In June, you will find yourself ask­ing a ques­tion.The per­son who can tell you is nearer than you think. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(24 JUL – 23 AUG) You may be wad­ing through deep wa­ter, but you have a div­ing suit. Much may be up in the air, but you have a para­chute. Things may be wrong, but you have the power to put them right. Maybe that is go­ing to be the prob­lem for you in June. Maybe you will se­cretly wish that you did not have that power. Per­haps you pre­fer to have some­one else make all the choices. Well, you are in charge and you need to take charge! That is noth­ing to worry about. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

virgo (24 AUG – 23 SEP) A fun­da­men­tal fac­tor needs to be fixed.Some­thing doesn’t look or feel right. You sus­pect the an­swer is to make some kind of su­per­fi­cial ad­just­ment. The root of the prob­lem, though, lies fur­ther back. It is not com­pli­cated, nor is it es­pe­cially dif­fi­cult to fix. Life, in June, will push you to look at what you have been try­ing to ig­nore. Once you have seen it in de­tail you will have the way to set it straight. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(24 SEP – 23 OCT) Wel­come to the fu­ture.Now,what do you want it to be like? It is not quite pos­si­ble to make a wish and have it come in­stantly true, but you may find that

am­bi­tions iden­ti­fied in June have a slow-burn­ing fuse that even­tu­ally ig­nites the spark of sat­is­fac­tion that only a ful­filled as­pi­ra­tion can bring. Some con­fu­sion sur­rounds you at the mo­ment. Where this is com­ing from oth­ers, there may be a limit to what you can do. But your own con­fu­sion you can eas­ily cure.You just have to be com­pletely hon­est with yourself. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

scor­pio ( 24 OCT – 22 NOV) They say we shouldn’t push our luck. They are not al­ways right. Think about when a car has a flat bat­tery. Of­ten, if you give it a good push, then drop it in gear, you can get it started. Of course, this doesn’t work with au­to­mat­ics.But then,for­tune is rarely au­to­matic. The en­gine of this ma­chine de­pends on the choices we make. When we ex­pend ef­fort, we can vastly in­crease the rate at which it turns. It’s fine to push your luck to­day. Just be care­ful that you don’t push it too far in June. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(23 NOV – 21 DEC) Any vic­tory will be hol­low (and tem­po­rary) if it leaves some­one else suf­fer­ing the agony of de­feat. Your first pri­or­ity, in June, is to see that. You don’t have to be­come best bud­dies with an op­po­nent, nor must you force yourself to love a sit­u­a­tion you find dif­fi­cult. But there must be some kind of com­pro­mise. Right now, the com­mon en­emy to unite against is ‘the dan­ger to all sides that a con­tin­ued dis­pute will bring.’ Err on the side of kind­ness. But do be strong when you need to be. All will be well. For more,call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(22 DEC – 20 JAN) In June,your pow­ers of per­cep­tion and your sense of per­spec­tive are en­hanced. Not only can you tell the wood from the trees, you can also gain clues from tiny bits of bark. But there are lim­its to what

you may can be see,es­pe­cially about to make about valu­able yourself.While dis­cov­er­ies, you you is could com­ing fail to un­der no­tice pres­sure, how a key per­haps re­la­tion­ship as a some­thing di­rect re­sult that is of best you al­lowed un­der­stand­ing to re­main a too mys­tery. wide. Keep your eyes open, but not

For more: MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

aquar­ius (21 JAN – 19 FEB) There is al­ways some­one who will dis­ap­prove. There is al­ways, too, some­one who will damn you with faint praise, and then go on to ex­plain that, ‘what you re­ally should have done is this’. Folk don’t al­ways mean to dis­em­power each other when they make such ob­ser­va­tions. But it is dif­fi­cult for any­one to feel con­fi­dent when they are sur­rounded by doubters and de­trac­tors. In your life, in June, there is one very solid source of sup­port. Ap­pre­ci­ate this prop­erly and make more of it. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

pisces (20 FEB – 20 MAR) When ba­bies are born, do they ar­rive in the world with a long list of things to worry about? Do tod­dlers turn to one an­other and say,‘I would love to play but I am far too busy.’Ten­sion is learnt be­hav­iour. We see oth­ers giv­ing them­selves a hard time and in­ad­ver­tently we copy them. We imag­ine it is a sign of adult­hood to be ha­rassed. You have no need or rea­son to be anx­ious. This month brings a chance to grow younger and wiser. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

aries (21 MAR – 20 APR) If, in June, you climb to the height of your in­ner wis­dom and ex­tend the arm of your per­sonal power, you will sum­mon strength and clar­ity, be­com­ing a tow­er­ing beacon of hope that oth­ers flock to­wards from far and wide. You will be able to of­fer lead­er­ship and com­mand re­spect, even from those who nor­mally dis­agree with you. And to make that hap­pen? Just one thing is needed. A will­ing­ness, first, to face an is­sue from your past that still pains you when you think about it. Find that courage and all else you need will find you. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(21 APR – 21 MAY) When the sun is shin­ing brightly, even the most pow­er­ful light bulb be­comes ir­rel­e­vant. But when it’s dark, even a tiny can­dle will blaze out like a beacon. How im­por­tant is this month’s big­gest de­vel­op­ment? That de­pends on how keen you are to ex­pe­ri­ence change.To a per­son who is used to deal­ing with a del­uge, this is a trickle.To some­one in the midst of a drought, it is a flood. What does this mean to you? As much as you need it to mean. Don’t ‘wish for more,’ just find a way to make more out of what you are given. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

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