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I had my reser­va­tions about the elec­tric bikes at Cy­col­ogy. First, I am a bit of a purist – I like my bikes tra­di­tional, with a bas­ket and a leather seat and pow­ered by the sheer force of the hu­man spirit and at­ten­dant limbs. But god­damn, the Cy­col­ogy Hy­brid/24 had me at the first hill. It has an in­ge­nious lit­tle trick whereby you con­tinue to pedal as nor­mal but the hill that would have pre­vi­ously given you a small flush of ex­er­tion upon your brow is sud­denly a cakewalk. There are even gears – but I think that’s just for ef­fect be­cause you re­ally don’t need them. Be­lieve me. For a girl who lives in Jo­han­nes­burg – a city of many hills – I im­me­di­ately see the ad­van­tage. This is the only prac­ti­cal way to make the com­mute to the of­fice per bike. You will ar­rive re­freshed by your brush with the morn­ing air and your hip­ster pre­ten­sions but still fresh, if you get my mean­ing.

RO­BOT-FLIR­TA­TION QUO­TIENT: 10/10 People will def­i­nitely pay at­ten­tion. You look so care­free and French and charm­ing as you ride about town. Oh let me just say it plainly, it also helps that you are sweat free, which is no bad thing for your aver­age flir­ta­tious traf­fic-light en­counter.

SHOP­PING-BAG CA­PAC­ITY: 1/10 This is ad­mit­tedly a short­com­ing – you are go­ing to have to learn to carry things on your back or bal­anced on your head. You can get a bas­ket, but re­ally you should only fill it with a bunch of peonies, a baguette and your iPad so you can snap a lot of self­ies as you too­tle along, and then ev­ery­one will see how achingly cool you re­ally are.

PETROL-PUMP SEN­SI­TIV­ITY: 10/10 You are now en­tirely freed from this deeply stressin­duc­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. No need ever again to watch your hard-earned rands go glug-glug-glug into the bow­els of your gas guz­zler.

Take to the elec­tric bike, I say. It’s a win­ner. Cy­col­ogy runs small tours in Jo’burg and Cape Town to lovely ur­ban spots (visit Cy­col­ogy.biz). Vin­cent sets off from 44 Stan­ley at 10am of a Satur­day from the Cy­col­ogy pop-up win­dow, which is cur­rently boast­ing a Tonic de­sign stu­dio in­stal­la­tion. That is how cool this bike is.

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