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hav­ing in­her­ited blem­ish-free skin from my mother, I also have, thanks to my fa­ther’s genes, puffy dark cir­cles un­der my eyes – my ‘ge­netic heir­looms’, as Le­an­dra Me­dine of The Man Re­peller blog calls them. These mon­sters are am­pli­fied by si­nus prob­lems and var­i­ous al­ler­gies, and my daily strug­gle to con­ceal them in­volves a com­bi­na­tion of eye cream, colour cor­rec­tor and con­cealer. (I know the con­sul­tant at the Bobbi Brown counter very well.) The eye area is largely un­for­giv­ing and for many years there have been few non-in­va­sive treat­ment op­tions. Un­til now. Wel­come, car­boxyther­apy. WHAT IS CAR­BOXYTHER­APY? Car­boxyther­apy, also known as ‘mir­a­cle gas’, is a non-in­va­sive treat­ment that can be used to com­bat cel­lulite, stretch marks, scar­ring, eye bags and dark cir­cles. It in­volves in­ject­ing a small amount of car­bon diox­ide into the af­fected area, which the body then reads as a de­fi­ciency in oxy­gen. This causes the tiny cap­il­lar­ies un­der the skin to open in or­der to in­crease blood flow, and en­cour­age the dis­per­sion of oxy­gen and nu­tri­ents to the area. Four to six treat­ments are usu­ally rec­om­mended, with fillers an op­tion to com­bat pos­si­ble vol­ume loss and puffi­ness. WHY CAR­BOXYTHER­APY WORKS Dr Mau­reen Allem, from Skin Re­newal in Parkhurst, ex­plains that when we breathe, oxy­gen is dis­persed through our bod­ies, but as we age, the oxy­gen lev­els in our skin fall, re­sult­ing in a de­crease in elas­tic­ity and col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, mak­ing skin more sus­cep­ti­ble to age­ing and dis­col­oration. WHAT TO EX­PECT You’ll feel a small pinch fol­lowed by a warm sen­sa­tion as the air leaves the nee­dle fill­ing the in­jected re­gion with gas. This mi­nor dis­com­fort around each eye lasts two to four min­utes. The best part of the process was the five-minute face and head mas­sage af­ter­wards. The whole fuss-free ses­sion lasted about 10 min­utes, and I ap­plied my make-up and re­turned to work im­me­di­ately. RE­SULTS Af­ter just two treat­ments I saw a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence. The dark cir­cles ap­peared to be much lighter and I wasn’t reach­ing for the con­cealer as of­ten as be­fore. As car­boxyther­apy is a cu­mu­la­tive process, the bags be­came less vis­i­ble as time went on. To com­bat the puffi­ness of the area, Dr Allem de­cided to in­ject a lit­tle Resty­lane filler – and the re­sult was in­stan­ta­neous. AVER­AGE COST Car­boxyther­apy costs R4 000 (R1 000 per ses­sion). The Resty­lane filler costs R3 200 for one full in­jec­tion. Sk­in­re­; 011-447-9731

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