Don’t panic about hair loss

Ever since Dr. Kurt Wolff Re­search dis­cov­ered the ben­e­fits of the ac­tive in­gre­di­ent caf­feine, the topic of fe­male hair loss has been widely dis­cussed. We talked to Ger­man caf­feine ex­pert Dr. A. Klenk.

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Why does hair loss in women of­ten start af­ter menopause?

Dr. Klenk: Be­fore menopause, hair roots are pro­tected by high lev­els of fe­male hor­mones (es­tro­gen). Af­ter menopause, es­tro­gen lev­els will de­cline and the im­pact of male hor­mones (testos­terone) will in­crease. The con­se­quences: Hair grows thin­ner and falls out pre­ma­turely, the scalp be­comes more vis­i­ble and the hair­line re­cedes. These un­de­sir­able symp­toms are typ­i­cal in women over the age of 40 and are a cause for con­cern. What can a caf­feine sham­poo do against hair loss?

Dr. Klenk: It con­tains an ac­tive in­gre­di­ent com­plex that pro­tects the hair roots from pre­ma­ture ex­haus­tion of hair growth – called phyto-caf­feine. This has been de­vel­oped by Dr. Kurt Wolff Re­search in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Ger­man der­ma­to­log­i­cal clin­ics.

Can you ex­plain this?

Dr. Klenk: Dur­ing hair wash­ing, this phyto-caf­feine pen­e­trates the hair fol­li­cle very quickly (120 sec­onds of res­i­dence time) to reach the hair root, where its pro­tec­tive ef­fect un­folds.*

Does this work?

Dr. Klenk: Yes, caf­feine is a highly ef­fec­tive sub­stance. In Plan­tur 39, caf­feine is dosed to pro­tect the hair roots from pre­ma­ture ex­haus­tion when ap­plied on a daily ba­sis. This When should you be­gin us­ing Plan­tur 39?

Dr. Klenk: If you no­tice that you are los­ing more hair than usual – on your pil­low, dur­ing hair wash- ing or comb­ing – it is not too late. How­ever, it is eas­ier for your hair roots to cope with the prob­lem if you start pro­tec­tive ac­tion early. By menopause at the lat­est, pro­tec­tion from hair loss should be a part of the daily hair care rou­tine. *Fol­lic­u­lar Pen­e­tra­tion of Top­i­cally Ap­plied Caf­feine via a Sham­poo For­mu­la­tion; N. Ot­berg, A. Te­ich­mann, J. Lade­mann, U. Ra­sul­jev, R. Sinkgraven, W. Sterry; Pub­lished Skin Phar­ma­col Phys­iol 2007;20:195–198

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Dr. A. Klenk, head of the lab­o­ra­tory of Dr. Kurt Wolff Re­search, is one of the leading ex­perts in his field.

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