(24 AUG – 23 SEP) What­ever else Septem­ber brings, it won’t be peace and quiet. There’ll be plenty of what Shake­speare called ‘sound and fury’ even if, as the bard sug­gested, it sig­ni­fies noth­ing. Fuss and bother have that ten­dency. We get caught up in tri­als and tribu­la­tions, di­ver­sions and dis­trac­tions as the soap opera of life rum­bles on, drag­ging us in its wake. But if you ad­just ex­pec­ta­tions and ac­cept that there’s less to worry about than some peo­ple think, you may have a most pro­duc­tive month. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(24 SEP – 23 OCT) Though the Sun won’t en­ter your sign un­til the end of the month, Mer­cury will pass through Libra dur­ing Septem­ber. That’s the planet of de­bate, dis­cus­sion, trade, in­vi­ta­tions, ques­tions and … an­swers. Of­ten, though, those an­swers tend to raise more ques­tions.You may feel that you have to keep on run­ning just to stay in the same place. But you may end up get­ting fur­ther than you ex­pect with the plan that’s clos­est to your heart. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(24 OCT – 22 NOV) It’s easy to pre­pare for dis­as­ter. You just have to get ready to clutch at straws and be grate­ful for small mer­cies. If only it were so sim­ple to be ready when the good times started to roll. If it’s go­ing to rain op­por­tu­nity, you’d bet­ter put out buck­ets. If it’s likely to bring home your ship, you’d bet­ter clear the har­bour. But what if you are ex­pect­ing one thing to go well and then suc­cess oc­curs in another area? In Septem­ber, you’ll know where to be and when. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(23 NOV – 21 DEC) Who is in charge of the uni­verse? What’s their email ad­dress? Aren’t we en­ti­tled to write in with our com­plaints and sug­ges­tions? But maybe we’re ad­dress­ing the mes­sages to the wrong re­cip­i­ent. What if the person with the great­est in­flu­ence over the cos­mos is you? If you’re ready for Septem­ber, Septem­ber is ready for you! For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(22 DEC – 20 JAN) Some sub­jects don’t seem to be worth think­ing about. They up­set, un­nerve or in­flame us. Yet when we pull down the men­tal shut­ters, we cut our­selves off from other facts that need to be faced – and that opens us to all the in­evitable con­se­quences of self-de­cep­tion. I could say that Septem­ber’s en­counter with an is­sue you’d pre­fer to ig­nore is due to be less than idyl­lic. But it would be fairer to say it will be cathar­tic and con­struc­tive. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(21 JAN – 19 FEB) The things that get us into most trou­ble, it seems, are the ones we care about most.The causes that touch our hearts, and the peo­ple who mean so much to us. How do we shut off our feel­ings and act as if some­thing that mat­ters doesn’t mat­ter at all? Aquar­i­ans are sup­posed to be ex­perts at this, but that’s un­fair and this month, it’s the op­po­site of what’s go­ing on. Even if your strong com­mit­ment to some­one or some­thing brings stress, it will bring even greater joy. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(20 FEB – 20 MAR) What stops a person from see­ing what’s right be­fore their eyes? We’re talk­ing here about the kind of se­lec­tive vi­sion that isn’t phys­i­cal. Your Septem­ber out­look in­vites us to con­sider the con­se­quences of see­ing what you want to see, be­liev­ing what you want to be­lieve, trust­ing a the­ory so much that you can’t recog­nise re­al­ity. Well, I say ‘you’. Maybe some­one else is do­ing that. Ei­ther way, there can be no progress un­til there has been an awak­en­ing. And this will oc­cur. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(21 MAR – 20 APR) Life, in Septem­ber, gets less se­ri­ous. By this, I don’t mean you will end up a laugh­ing stock or be­come the butt of some­one else’s jokes. I’m not even promis­ing that your sit­u­a­tion will change sig­nif­i­cantly in the eyes of an observer. But from your po­si­tion, you’ll find it eas­ier to be amused by all that’s hap­pen­ing. Thus it will be harder to feel af­fronted or anx­ious. In­stead of a bat­tle for sur­vival, now there’ll be a sense of ad­ven­ture. And you’ll see much to make you smile. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(21 APR – 21 MAY) Some read­ers tell me they read the fore­cast for their part­ner (or po­ten­tial part­ner) be­fore their own. I nor­mally try to dis­suade them but I sup­pose I can see the point. Of­ten, we feel our lives are so de­pen­dent on the moods and needs of our loved ones, it hardly mat­ters what’s hap­pen­ing to us. Lately, you’ve re­ally be­gun to em­pathise with that view. This month, you’ll def­i­nitely find a spe­cial some­one is much eas­ier to work with and to be with. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(22 MAY – 22 JUN) There are some ques­tions that aren’t easy to an­swer. The more we ask them, the more con­fused we get. Of­ten, it seems as if the only smart thing to do is stop ask­ing. That doesn’t get us any closer to clar­ity but it at least re­lieves the headache – or the heartache. Changes in your Septem­ber astrological out­look sug­gest that, though you may have long since closed your mind to fur­ther thought about a vex­ing topic, it is com­ing up for dis­cus­sion again. Over­come your re­sis­tance. Things are en­cour­ag­ingly dif­fer­ent now. For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(23 JUN – 23 JUL) If there’s some­thing you think you ought to have, what stands in your way? Septem­ber doesn’t pro­vide you with an un­fet­tered run at a long-cher­ished goal but it at least blesses you with use­ful in­sights. An at­ti­tude shifts, an un­der­stand­ing deepens, an idea arises, an op­por­tu­nity sur­faces and a plan starts to form. How much faith should you put into this? As much as you’re will­ing to place in your­self! For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.


(24 JUL – 23 AUG) The world is full of philoso­phers and of peo­ple who en­joy ex­traor­di­nar­ily good for­tune. Luck, it seems, fol­lows prin­ci­ples that nei­ther po­ets nor aca­demics un­der­stand. It even seems as if the more we strive to grasp the way it works, the more eas­ily it slips through our fin­gers. So what’s the les­son? Stop try­ing? Lately, you’ve needed to at­tract an elu­sive op­por­tu­nity and mit­i­gate a re­gret­table devel­op­ment. This month, with sur­pris­ingly lit­tle ef­fort, you’ll ac­com­plish both! For more, call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vo­da­com 079-008-4034.

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