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you have a sore throat and a runny nose1, 2, so is it time for an an­tibi­otic, or should you try to fight your symp­toms with over-the-counter reme­dies? First, it’s im­por­tant to know that com­mon colds and flu are up­per res­pi­ra­tory tract in­fec­tions caused by a virus1, 2, and while an­tibi­otics are used to treat bac­te­rial in­fec­tions, they are un­for­tu­nately not ef­fec­tive against viruses like the com­mon cold and the flu3, 4. Most sore throats are gen­er­ally not se­ri­ous and usu­ally im­prove within a week5. Peo­ple of­ten think that hav­ing a clear nasal dis­charge that changes to yel­low-green and de­vel­op­ing a cough is a sign of a se­condary bac­te­rial in­fec­tion, but this is not al­ways the case6.

While some of the symp­toms of cold and flu are a nui­sance, they are your body’s re­sponse to the in­fec­tion and ac­tu­ally help to fight it2. Us­ing an­tibi­otics for non-se­vere vi­ral up­per res­pi­ra­tory tract in­fec­tions in­creases an­tibi­otic re­sis­tance6, which has be­come a ma­jor health prob­lem world­wide. As a re­sult, most bac­te­ria have be­come stronger and won’t re­spond as well to an­tibi­otic treat­ment as it should.

For in­fec­tions where your doc­tor does pre­scribe an an­tibi­otic, it is im­por­tant that you take the medicine ex­actly as in­structed. Don’t skip doses and be sure to fin­ish the course, even if you are feel­ing bet­ter. Don’t save some of your an­tibi­otics for the next time you get sick. It’s also im­por­tant that you don’t share an­tibi­otics with any­one else, be­cause the an­tibi­otic may not be the right drug for their ill­ness.They may be al­ler­gic and may even de­lay them get­ting bet­ter4.

When you have a cold or flu, rest­ing and us­ing over-the­counter med­i­ca­tions to treat your symp­toms can go a long way to help­ing you feel bet­ter3, 7. Ad­cock In­gram’s Corenza Para-C Ef­fer­ves­cent is an ef­fec­tive multi-ac­tion cold and flu fighter8. It is non-se­dat­ing and pro­vides relief of mild to mod­er­ate pain and fever, blocked nose and si­nus con­ges­tion as­so­ci­ated with colds and flu8. It’s suit­able for pa­tients who can’t tol­er­ate as­pirin or suf­fer from dys­pep­sia, pep­tic ul­cers and re­nal dys­func­tion. Plus, it’s sugar free8. So, while it won’t pre­vent you get­ting a cold or flu, it will help you feel much bet­ter while your body fights the in­fec­tion.

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