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Beauty ther­a­pist Helene Bramwell from The Mask an­swers your beauty ques­tions. E-mail your query to marieclaire@ as­soc­me­dia.co.za Q: What types of peels are there and how do I know which is best for me? A: For those in the habit of go­ing to the sa­lon for a fa­cial, hav­ing a lunchtime chem­i­cal peel is not out of the or­di­nary. It’s like a fresh start for the skin, re­mov­ing the dam­aged outer lay­ers to re­veal new, health­ier skin with a more even sur­face. As the fresh skin grows, it pro­duces more an­tiox­i­dants and youth-pre­serv­ing col­la­gen and elastin fi­bres. In a nut­shell, your skin is smoother, younger and no­tice­ably thicker and firmer.

It’s called a ‘lunchtime peel’ be­cause you can have the treat­ment dur­ing a lunch break and head straight back to work with­out look­ing like a scalded lob­ster with sheets of skin peel­ing off – the po­ten­tial side ef­fect of deep peels. Although very ef­fec­tive, deep peels should only be per­formed by an ex­pe­ri­enced, qual­i­fied beauty ther­a­pist, so­ma­tol­o­gist or doc­tor.

In my opinion, you can ef­fec­tively treat fine lines, acne and mild scar­ring by hav­ing a num­ber of su­per­fi­cial peel­ing treat­ments over a pe­riod of time – this will need to be de­cided by your ther­a­pist, ac­cord­ing to your spe­cific needs, prob­lems and skin type.

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