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SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov – 21 Dec)

If things are sup­posed to be get­ting bet­ter, why are you still deal­ing with the same old dra­mas and dif­fi­cul­ties? Haven’t you done ev­ery­thing within your power to re­solve th­ese? If you can think of another way to tackle them, try it. If you can’t, work on the as­sump­tion that your re­sults are ‘in the pipe­line’. They are go­ing to make their way into your life as fast as they pos­si­bly can and, with­out be­ing overly pre­sump­tu­ous, you should make prepa­ra­tions for their ar­rival. De­cem­ber may yet be full of de­light­ful sur­prises. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan)

It is one thing to look into the fu­ture and feel con­fused. This is nat­u­ral. It is another to feel un­cer­tain about the past. If, when you look be­hind you, you see some­thing murky and mys­te­ri­ous, you need to be­come clear about it. Events in De­cem­ber will help you gain a fresh per­spec­tive. You will un­der­stand much more about what has hap­pened so far and will feel far hap­pier. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

AQUARIUS (21 Jan – 19 Feb)

What if the sun just didn’t feel like ris­ing? What if it just put its head back un­der the cover of night and sank into a pil­low of cloud? It wouldn’t. Some things are al­ways there for us. They never let us down. In your heart now, re­gard­less of all that’s crazy, you’ve got a sun that can’t stop shin­ing. Events this De­cem­ber will yet en­able you to revel in the light of gen­uine, justied, hope. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

PISCES (20 Feb – 20 Mar)

We all love a good drama se­ries. We iden­tify with the char­ac­ters and imag­ine that their prob­lems are our prob­lems but we are never quite so pleased to be star­ring in a soap opera of our own. Some­one you are close to, though, is go­ing through a di cult ex­pe­ri­ence. You don’t have to help but you want to. That in­volves get­ting caught up in a drama but it is one that will have a very ne out­come. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

ARIES (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

Mars ar­rives in the part of your chart that gov­erns all you hope for, be­lieve in, as­pire to and re­late to. It makes you keenly aware of what you need more of – and less of. It helps you see that ev­ery­thing is go­ing to be all right even though you have be­gun to sus­pect that your drama has no end. I am not promis­ing per­fec­tion in ev­ery way or an end to all your trou­bles but you will en­joy De­cem­ber! Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

TAURUS (21 Apr – 21 May)

At­ti­tude isn’t ev­ery­thing but it counts for a lot. In De­cem­ber, you may well have strong feel­ings about a par­tic­u­lar mat­ter. Th­ese are caus­ing you to see prob­lems where none need ex­ist. Ad­just your per­spec­tive. Try not to care quite as much. Though pas­sion can some­times be a sword that hacks you a path through a jun­gle, it can also be the spade that digs you a hole. Just be calm and con dent. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

GEMINI (22 May – 22 Jun)

Busy peo­ple are al­ready in an e cient frame of mind, fo­cused on tick­ing o items on their lists. If some­one slips on a cou­ple more points they will hardly no­tice. Has any­one done that to you lately? Are you run­ning around deal­ing with is­sues that some­one else ought to be tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for? Do as much as you like, as long as you do it whole­heart­edly – but let enough be enough. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

CAN­CER (23 Jun – 23 Jul)

For a life full of for­tu­itous co­in­ci­dence, see your­self as an an­gler dan­gling a hook in the stream of serendip­ity. Ev­ery catch is a prize. Even an old boot is a trea­sure – it could be a magic boot or have di­a­monds hid­den in the sole. To dis­tin­guish the stream of serendip­ity from the or­di­nary river of life, project into it your most pos­i­tive ex­pec­ta­tion. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

LEO (24 Jul – 23 Aug)

Don’t ask some­one who may have a vested in­ter­est in giv­ing you an an­swer that suits her pur­pose more than yours. Ask the uni­verse. Ask your in­tu­ition. If, this month, you di­rect your en­ergy to­wards a goal that’s truly worth pur­su­ing, you will yet get a re­sult that’s re­ally worth hav­ing. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

VIRGO (24 Aug – 23 Sep)

Our e orts at com­pre­hen­sion would be helped if we re­mem­ber that hu­man mo­tives and emo­tions are in­vari­ably il­log­i­cal. Feel­ings can’t be ex­plained eas­ily. We don’t know why we’ve got them and when we think we know, we are almost al­ways wrong. As you seek deeper in­sight in De­cem­ber, look for it with your heart, not your head. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

LIBRA (24 Sep – 23 Oct)

You are more popular than you re­alise. Also, more for­tu­nate. If you start tak­ing a lot of stupid risks there is no guar­an­tee that a guardian an­gel will race to your res­cue each time but if you now hold in your mind’s eye a rea­son­able pic­ture of what you would like to achieve this month, it is not so un­rea­son­able to ex­pect to at­tain this! Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

SCORPIO (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

You are feel­ing more in­clined to think things through and to ac­knowl­edge the ex­is­tence of di er­ent points of view. You are also be­com­ing in­creas­ingly aware of hid­den op­por­tu­ni­ties: chances to make your life brighter and bet­ter that you have pre­vi­ously failed to spot. Ex­plore th­ese as fully as you can. You may need to talk your­self into a plan or propo­si­tion but you will nd that oth­ers support and ac­cept it. The power you seek this month is the power you al­ready have. Call MTN 083-900-8536 or Vodacom 079-008-4034.

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