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Why do good things some­times seem to hap­pen to bad peo­ple? And why do bad things seem to hap­pen to good peo­ple? Could it be that peo­ple are gen­er­ally a lit­tle too hasty to de­cide whether they them­selves or, in­deed, other peo­ple, are good or bad? In 2015,your jour­ney of per­sonal evo­lu­tion in­volves over­com­ing a set of old, tired ideas about what con­sti­tutes ‘un­ac­cept­able’. You may need to re-eval­u­ate your own story and even your view of his­tory. I’m not sug­gest­ing that you need to spend the whole of 2015 float­ing around like the fairy of for­give­ness, sprin­kling the star­dust of re­vi­sion­ism ev­ery­where you go.But you may need to look at where, in your life, you’ve drawn those lines. Where have you said, ‘Past this point I will not go’ or, ‘Back to there I will never re­turn? ’The great cos­mic invitation to you this year is to take a step into the rel­a­tively un­known lands of‘ per­haps’ and ‘maybe’. Such ex­pe­di­tions may well take you out of your com­fort zone. But only such in­ner ex­ploratory jour­neys can take you to ter­ri­tory where the winds of change can fill the sail of your heart, en­abling you to rise to a spec­tac­u­lar height from which you see sit­u­a­tions and peo­ple a lit­tle dif­fer­ently – and op­por­tu­nity very dif­fer­ently in­deed. As you let go of the sand­bags of opin­ion, pre­con­cep­tion, fixed belief and un­shake­able cer­tainty, a bal­loon of hope will lift you to the giddy heights of amaz­ing in­spi­ra­tion. For more, visit or call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vodacom 079 008 4034.

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