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Self-help books some­times sug­gest that all we have to do is ‘reach for our in­ner-strength’ and we will nat­u­rally evolve into higher be­ings. But oc­ca­sion­ally it seems we have to strug­gle for a long time to over­come bad habits. In 2015, you be­gin to recog­nise that you have been do­ing things that you don’t re­ally want to be do­ing. Of course, if you are in a sit­u­a­tion and you don’t fully un­der­stand how you got into it, it can be dif­fi­cult to get your­self out of it. It’s also tricky if you think you have an ac­cu­rate in­sight, only to dis­cover you’ve been swal­low­ing an ex­pla­na­tion made up of half-truths. This year’s events bring deep in­sights into the peo­ple around you, en­abling you to see why con­flicts have arisen, why re­la­tion­ships have be­come stress­ful or how wounds can be healed. How do you get out of a sit­u­a­tion that you wish you weren’t in? You have to try to find a neu­tral stand­point. What con­fuses us most of the time is what we think we know. When we think we know some­thing, we don’t recog­nise what we don’t know, and con­se­quently we are not open to the an­swers we ought to be lis­ten­ing to. Life will some­how make it eas­ier for you to be less sure of your­self this year. That, in turn, will mean you are in a far bet­ter po­si­tion to be­come much more sure of your­self in the long-term. For more, visit Cainer.com or call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vodacom 079 008 4034.

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