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If your life is a soap opera, where is the script con­fer­ence team? Who gets to de­cide which character will di­vorce,or fall in love,or run out of money,or get into trou­ble? Ed­i­tors and pro­duc­ers make heart­less choices some­times.They are in­flu­enced by ev­ery­thing from the bud­get to the rat­ings, the pop­u­lar­ity of the cast and the avail­abil­ity of the ac­tors. But in 2015, if such a con­fer­ence is tak­ing place at some sub­tle etheric cos­mic level, you will find you are in the di­rec­tor’s seat. You are in a won­der­ful po­si­tion to get your­self a sto­ry­line that is not just en­joy­able and re­ward­ing but which al­lows you to shine, to be the star that you are, to do what you are good at and spend less time do­ing what you hate hav­ing to do. In 2015, you can go beyond your own stereo­type. On the stage of your life, you play a com­pelling, heroic part and do things that sur­prise you and oth­ers, not just be­cause they are dif­fer­ent but be­cause they are suc­cess­ful.This is the year in which you get to be a voice of san­ity in a world of chaos. You will keep com­ing into sit­u­a­tions where your con­tri­bu­tion is cru­cial and the wis­dom you share is worth hear­ing. You will be­come a source of re­as­sur­ance and a force of great kind­ness.You’ll re­mem­ber 2015 as a year in which a mess got cleared up and a new, much more in­spir­ing, way for­ward was fi­nally found. For more, visit or call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vodacom 079 008 4034.

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