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AQUARIUS (21 Jan­uary – 19 Fe­bru­ary)

There is a rea­son why you seem to be re­liv­ing old dra­mas; re­dis­cov­er­ing old mem­o­ries; re­vis­it­ing old ex­pe­ri­ences. It’s partly be­cause Mer­cury has been ret­ro­grade. It is also be­cause you are reach­ing a turn­ing point.You can soon make a choice that will lead you to one of sev­eral dif­fer­ent fu­tures.You need to be fully in­formed about what you know so far – and not to have your judge­ment clouded by a fear that stems from events long ago. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vodacom 079 008 4034

PISCES (20 Fe­bru­ary – 20 March)

You are still re­cov­er­ing from a year in which life turned you one way round, then another. You have gone up and down like a roller-coaster. All that, though, is fair enough, as long as it has been get­ting you some­where. What you would hate to feel is that it has all been a waste of time and ef­fort. Don’t even think that way. Proof that you have made en­light­ened choices is closer than you think.

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ARIES (21 March – 20 April)

out soon enough. Your instincts are re­veal­ing your deep­est, most in­tense emo­tions. You are start­ing to ques­tion the or­gan­i­sa­tions and in­sti­tu­tions to which you be­long and re­al­is­ing you can no longer be trapped by tra­di­tions and ex­pec­ta­tions you have out­grown. Just when you think it is all get­ting to be too much to cope with, you will see a change.

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TAURUS (21 April – 21 May)

There are al­ways clues, even to the best-kept se­crets. Of­ten, though, peo­ple re­ally don’t want to see them. Even when the truth is star­ing them right in the face, they will tend to ig­nore it be­cause it truth should be. Whether you are look­ing for some­thing or hop­ing to keep putting on a front, or both, keep that in mind this month.

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GEMINI (22 May – 22 June)

Of­ten, we ex­pe­ri­ence ex­hil­a­ra­tion as we hur­tle to­wards a cliff edge. Of­ten, too, we feel noth­ing but anx­i­ety and ap­pre­hen­sion while mak­ing some of the smartest moves of our life. Re­cent events have left you won­der­ing where you re­ally stand with some­one or some­thing. Your world seems un­set­tled and pre­car­i­ous, but that can’t be seen as a sure sign that there is any­thing wrong. Trust what in­spires you, and ques­tion what­ever wor­ries you.

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CAN­CER (23 June – 23 July)

You un­der­stand the power of pos­i­tive thought and al­ways leave room in your heart for a lit­tle hope. If we put up too many bar­ri­ers, we may not see op­por­tu­ni­ties, even when they arise. This month’s pos­i­tive change doesn’t need to make to­tal sense, it is enough that it ex­ists. Let that en­cour­age­ment awake fresh en­thu­si­asm and you will soon see an old sit­u­a­tion in a new light.

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LEO (24 July – 23 Au­gust)

If you think of your­self as rich, wealth will come to you. It is not so sim­ple, but there is an el­e­ment of truth in it. Fo­cus on how poor you feel and you will be­come more con­scious of your lim­i­ta­tions than of your op­por­tu­ni­ties. The same goes for love and com­pan­ion­ship. Those who feel they have plenty to give are rarely short of some­one to give it to.

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VIRGO (24 Au­gust – 23 Septem­ber)

You are not wear­ing blink­ers. Re­cent events have left you feel­ing as if an as­pi­ra­tion can never be noth­ing can truly jus­tify this dis­ap­point­ing view. You are merely in­ter­pret­ing a set of sig­nals pes­simisti­cally. Seek a broader view and you will yet be­come highly in­spired. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vodacom 079 008 4034

LIBRA (24 Septem­ber – 23 Oc­to­ber)

Never apol­o­gise, never ex­plain. This was once a favourite motto of many who held a po­si­tion of power and au­thor­ity. This pol­icy has now been broadly dis­cred­ited but there are still times when we all talk too much, think too much and al­low too much of the past to taint the present. Don’t pick over the bones of some old, stress­ful ex­pe­ri­ence. Let it lie and move on to a hap­pier fu­ture.

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SCORPIO (24 Oc­to­ber – 22 Novem­ber)

What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a sen­si­ble idea and a stupid idea? Of­ten, it is the im­ple­men­ta­tion. En­thu­si­asm and ap­pli­ca­tion count for a great deal. When th­ese two qual­i­ties are simultaneously in you use your dis­crim­i­na­tion, you will make some tri­umphantly right and wise choices.

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SAGITTARIUS (23 Novem­ber – 21 De­cem­ber)

This month, there’s some­thing that will look after you. You are be­ing of­fered support, suc­cour and sus­te­nance – though it’s not al­ways go­ing to be will be real and they will last much longer and prove far more im­por­tant than any downs.

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CAPRICORN (22 De­cem­ber – 20 Jan­uary)

Much de­pends on how the metaphor­i­cal ball is at­tached to the chain. The right kind of har­ness re­duces the stress of hav­ing to drag it along be­hind you. There are some who in­sist that by throw­ing the ball for­ward and al­low­ing it to roll, they can cre­ate the mo­men­tum to get fur­ther faster. Per­haps you like what’s an­chor­ing you now or what could

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