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So far, it ap­pears that won’t be us if we’ve read the lat­est news about I’m con­fused: isn’t this sup­posed to be a glam­orous fan­tasy? Then I re­mem­ber the on­line or­der form, on which I’d also

has been our num­ber-one thing to says. The com­pany de­vel­oped what they call ‘sig­na­ture ser­vice’: round-the

what women ac­tu­ally want,’ says Dalal Kha­jah, co-founder of ManSer­vants. She, Josephine and ManSer­vants ‘direc­tor of hus­tle’ An­nie Pariseau are all in their mid-20s, beau­ti­ful and stylish. They at­ten­tion – from men, yes, but also from your girl­friends and from ad­ven­tur­ous ur­ban-dwellers, it’s dé­classé to post pho­tos of your friend re­ceiv­ing a lap­dance from a male strip­per. But a hand­some man in

Ac­cord­ing to the women be­hind ManSer­vants, women want to be adored. And they want to be seen be­ing adored. They want a touch of the­atri­cal­ity, and to feel the thrill of male at­ten­tion with­out wor­ry­ing about whether they are send­ing the wrong sig­nals or will have to shoo him away at the end of the night.

De­spite its pu­ri­tan bent, ManSer­vants also rep­re­sents a long-over­due role re­ver­sal. Dalal and Josephine’s busi­ness is built on women nam­ing their own de­sires and cre­at­ing a self-di­rected world of pseudo-ro­man­tic fan­tasy – gained pop­u­lar­ity, there were cries of sex­ism. The big­gest crit­i­cism: a ser­vice ap­palling. And it might, but at the very least, the ser­vice about sex, but they use the words ‘sexy’ and ‘fan­tasy’ an aw­ful lot.

for non-sex­ual male servitude: in just a few months of busi­ness, Josephine and Dalal have dis­patched manser­vants to more than 50 events. Some women Goslings: Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid

Love. Ryan Gosling in Drive. Ryan Gosling in The Note­book.

If the manser­vant isn’t strip­ping, what is he do­ing? The ManSer­vants web­site of­fers a few sug­ges­tions. For a girls’ night out: ‘At the club, he’ll act away douchebags, and drop you off or job, no mat­ter how in­sis­tent the bride-to-be is that her ser­vant Josephine says.

Af­ter an ex­ten­sive photo shoot and com­pli­ments, we have us, and I hand him my credit card to or­der. As we all get tip­sier, cap­tion­ing the pic­ture with ‘#bon­estruc­ture’.

Just as we’re ready to leave, a tray of cham­pagne glasses ar­rives at the ta­ble. It’s un­clear whether this is a gift from Matthieu or from the bar­tender, who seems to be en­gag­ing in a ca­sual com­pe­ti­tion with our manser­vant to see who can be more at­ten­tive to us. I re­call my boyfriend’s re­ac­tion when I told him I would be hir­ing a manser­vant: ‘But you al­ready have a manser­vant!’ Per­haps the most bril­liant side-ef­fect of the start-up is the way it uses male com­pe­ti­tion to women’s ad­van­tage. All men seem to want to outserve the manser­vant.

go.’ Matthieu as­sures me it’s all right – he won’t charge us for the I won’t print it here, though. It’s against my code. mc

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