Our astro ex­pert Jonathan Cainer takes a look at what to ex­pect in 2016

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21J an­uary – 19 Fe­bru­ary

When sto­ry­tellers want to gain our at­ten­tion, they draw us in by making it look as if some­thing big and ex­cit­ing is go­ing to hap­pen. Then slowly we start to see the rea­sons why it can’t hap­pen im­me­di­ately. You may ex­pe­ri­ence a sim­i­lar sense of dra­matic tension as you en­ter 2016. And then you have to ad­just to a real-time, real world process, which takes longer than you might wish. Yet, dur­ing 2016 you will see that af­ter a slow up­hill strug­gle, you are about to start coast­ing to de­light­ful suc­cess. Hope has been like a lit­tle ick­er­ing ame within you since you ar­rived on the planet. There have been times when you have be­gun to sus­pect it has been ex­tin­guished. Be grate­ful for what seems slow or just be­yond your reach in 2016. It is not yet ready for you be­cause you are not yet ready for it. That doesn’t mean you won’t con­nect with it. You will. But this all has to hap­pen at a sus­tain­able pace. It won’t be too much longer be­fore emo­tion­ally and ma­te­ri­ally, you feel very happy with the way 2016 has taken you just down the right road, at just the right pace. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


20 Fe­bru­ary – 20 March

This is an en­cour­ag­ing year. But ev­ery­thing de­pends on how open your eyes are. Op­por­tu­nity of­ten only re­veals it­self if we start look­ing for it. Ev­ery time you lose faith, you make it harder for a benev­o­lent uni­verse to be kind to you. Whether what is lim­it­ing you is a lack of imag­i­na­tion, a sense of guilt or fear, it is noth­ing you can’t beat. If events cause you to won­der how you missed out or why some­one else did bet­ter than you, be glad for their gains, not sorry for your loss. Trust that the uni­verse wants to help you and that oth­ers de­serve help, too. That will en­gen­der the right kind of co-op­er­a­tion and un­der­stand­ing from oth­ers, making 2016 a year of de­light. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


21 March – 20 April

As we be­gin 2016, you’re look­ing at var­i­ous com­mit­ments and ask­ing, ‘Do I really have to be stuck with th­ese?’ Wher­ever th­ese is­sues arise, you should soon be able to tran­scend them. There is the pos­si­bil­ity of greater free­dom and with that comes a re­ward. Stop feel­ing as if sec­ond best is what you’ll al­ways have to set­tle for. You’ll dis­cover how hav­ing a more en­thu­si­as­tic at­ti­tude can help you make progress – it will help you get on bet­ter with the peo­ple around you and to enjoy life more. Life will be full of pos­i­tive pos­si­bil­ity. What once looked as if it was go­ing to stand in your way for­ever, is now about to get out of your way. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


21 April – 21 May

The tran­sit of Mer­cury in your sign brings a rev­e­la­tion about who you really are and what you are sup­posed to be do­ing. Lately you have be­gun to won­der whether peo­ple really care about what you think. Now, fi­nally, you be­gin to feel sure of your­self. Peo­ple will feel that they can talk to you and that you will understand. Your grow­ing con­fi­dence will also mean em­ploy­ers or col­leagues treat you with more re­spect. More in­vi­ta­tions will come your way and it will be­come eas­ier for you to make ends meet. Wher­ever you have a heart­felt de­sire or an as­pect of your life that you want to change, you’ll be blessed with in­spi­ra­tion to pick the right path. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


22 May – 22 June

In 2016,you see your­self in a way you’ve never done be­fore. This is a tremen­dously sig­nif­i­cant change. We tend to think we know our­selves well, yet once in a while, we may nd that we don’t. What’s in store for you is de­light­ful, mean­ing­ful and real. It in­volves recog­nis­ing your po­ten­tial. You’ll be­come more aware of how to achieve a great deal with con­sid­er­ably less ef­fort. As you be­gin to understand your­self bet­ter, so you be­come much more able to in uence the out­come of pro­cesses that you are in­volved in, and to en­sure that what you do has the right re­sult. So you do be­come em­pow­ered. And that is most won­der­ful news. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


23 June – 23 July

Life, as you may have no­ticed, is full of things we have to do, even if we don’t want to do them. In 2016, you won’t be lib­er­ated for­ever from the in­evitabil­ity of obli­ga­tion. But things will change. You are more prone, than most of us, to go­ing out of your way for oth­ers. This year, you be­come clearer in your­self about when and where to draw a line. There’s one par­tic­u­lar per­son, it seems, that you’re ex­traor­di­nar­ily ea­ger to please. This is hav­ing a big im­pact on you and im­ped­ing your free­dom signi cantly. The ques­tion you must ask is, how much should you keep bend­ing and stretch­ing to suit them? Or might it make more sense to stand fur­ther back and ght harder for your own au­ton­omy? You can do a lot for oth­ers this year but you should al­ways act out of in­spi­ra­tion, not obli­ga­tion. You can, of course, make sacri ces but th­ese should be be­cause you feel gen­uinely moved and not be­cause you feel guilty. The dif­fer­ence in mo­ti­va­tion can be all the dif­fer­ence in the world. It can also be the dif­fer­ence be­tween feel­ing like you are ‘just about cop­ing’ and feel­ing that you are really en­joy­ing life. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


24J uly – 23 Au­gust

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is a two-way process. If you want to be un­der­stood, you have to be will­ing to understand. One of the great­est dif­fi­cul­ties that ever emerges in any process of ne­go­ti­a­tion or ex­pla­na­tion is that one side thinks it all ought to be down to the other to make the ef­fort. There is a feel­ing of, ‘Why should I lis­ten to them, if they are not lis­ten­ing to me?’ Yet, all that ever leads to is a feel­ing of go­ing round in cir­cles. In 2016, you can take a step that will get you out of a neg­a­tive pat­tern and open up an ex­cit­ing new pos­si­bil­ity. As you go about build­ing bet­ter bridges, you may turn a su­per­fi­cial con­nec­tion into a much deeper bond. And you may also dis­cover that, with what you imag­ine to be a deep bond al­ready, you have only just scratched the sur­face. As you dis­cover that you don’t know quite as much about some­one as you think you do, in­spir­ing devel­op­ments will en­sue. Don’t, there­fore, feel threat­ened or of­fended by changes that you per­ceive in some­one else. Al­low a re­la­tion­ship to pos­i­tively evolve. This will al­low you to evolve, too. Glo­ri­ous op­por­tu­nity awaits you this year. You can move your life for­ward and some­one else can do the same. Where, be­fore, a cat­a­logue of dif­fi­cul­ties may have be­set you emo­tion­ally and ma­te­ri­ally, a cav­al­cade of ad­van­tages can come rolling into your life to re­place th­ese. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


24 Au­gust – 23 Septem­ber

In the year ahead, you get to make a se­ries of smart choices. Th­ese re­flect the deep­en­ing of your wis­dom and the ex­tent to which you can trust it. Lis­ten­ing to your in­ner voice is like lis­ten­ing to an old-fash­ioned ra­dio. The sig­nal varies and there may be times when you’re not sure what you’re lis­ten­ing to. But ex­pe­ri­ence soon helps you ne-tune the sig­nal un­til you hear what you need to hear. If you can im­prove your un­der­stand­ing of your­self by re­spond­ing to your own spirit, this will help you form deeper affini­ties with kin­dred spir­its. It’s vi­tal to trust your­self. If you al­low your in­ner voice to be your guide, you will end up just where you need to be. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


24 Septem­ber – 23 Oc­to­ber

This year, you be­gin to understand where your ad­van­tages are and what might be work­ing against you. That may sound like a very sim­ple state­ment but in the past you have con­fused what’s good for you with what’s not so bene cial. In 2016, you need to look at what you once may have wanted to look away from. There may well be an al­ter­na­tive avail­able to you that’s bet­ter or wiser, more pro­duc­tive or more ful­fill­ing. Sim­ply by al­low­ing your­self to con­sider that pos­si­bil­ity, you are tak­ing a big, brave, step into a po­ten­tially bet­ter fu­ture. The more will­ing you are to ex­per­i­ment, to ex­plore, to move for­ward with an open mind, the more re­warded you will be. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


24 Oc­to­ber – 22 Novem­ber

This year you start making progress down the road you have long yearned to travel.You can’t ex­pect to­tal ful­fill­ment but you will look back on 2016 with great sat­is­fac­tion. The tri­als and tribu­la­tions will even­tu­ally lead to re­wards and a sense of sat­is­fac­tion will make a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence to the way you feel about life. This year, which starts with Mars in your sign, turns you into a force to be reck­oned with. It brings the chance to change some­thing that has, for too long, been stable to the point of stale. Get ready to be a per­son who makes a dif­fer­ence, who changes the whole of the rest of your life and im­proves the lives of many other peo­ple. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


23 Novem­ber – 21 De­cem­ber

The path you are fol­low­ing now is about some­thing you want to do; some­thing you want to change. Saturn only vis­its your sign once ev­ery 28 years or so. It brings an op­por­tu­nity to do some­thing sig­nif­i­cant that will make a dif­fer­ence for the next three decades. It may be putting you through a lot but were you not hav­ing to make some com­pro­mises re­gard­less? You are be­ing put in a po­si­tion to raise the stan­dard and deepen your own be­lief in what is pos­si­ble. All you have to do is stop telling your­self that some­how it can’t hap­pen, or re­sent­ing the fact that it has to hap­pen. You are go­ing to make de­light­ful, pleas­ing progress this year. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034


22 De­cem­ber – 20 Jan­uary

Peo­ple born un­der your sign are sup­posed to work very hard and not care how much is de­manded of them, as long as they get a chance to take on more re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. This may be a year dur­ing which you ac­tu­ally be­gin to understand why they say such things. You are about to start recog­nis­ing the po­ten­tial that you have al­ways had but have not per­haps been able to use. They say that peo­ple born un­der your sign are like ne wines. They ma­ture slowly and im­prove with age. As you now grow an­other year older, you are be­com­ing surer of your­self and more able to re­sist desta­bil­is­ing in­flu­ences. This pow­er­ful year brings Saturn ever fur­ther into the 12th house of your so­lar chart and en­ables you to see what is pos­si­ble. Of­ten, we don’t really trust what we can imag­ine. We feel it is too airy-fairy. Thus we doubt our own abil­ity to ful­fill our dreams, es­pe­cially if we are un­for­tu­nate enough to share our time with peo­ple who are sim­i­larly doubt­ful. We be­come sen­si­tive to their mis­giv­ings. Yet in 2016, re­gard­less of who or what may cur­rently be sap­ping your strength, there is a way for­ward. You’ll make pos­i­tive progress and will enjoy it tremen­dously. Call MTN 083 900 8536 or Vo­da­com 079 008 4034

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