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Be­com­ing es­corts made our mar­riage stronger

SK­ING SOME­ONE THEIR ‘NUM­BER’ – the sum of their sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ences – is one of those ques­tions to which you can’t pre­dict the an­swer. Take Rob and Bianca, for ex­am­ple. our years a o, nance worker Bianca’s num­ber was two – in­clud­ing her hus­band. When friends would re­gale sex sto­ries, she’d re­vert to the shy, Brazil­ian­born Catholic school­girl with the thick glasses. To­day, how­ever, the 28-year-old’s num­ber is 1 000, which is what hap­pens when you be­come one half of the most suc­cess­ful es­cort cou­ple in New York.

It was a racy con­ver­sa­tion that changed ev­ery­thing. In a bar one night, friends – high on wine-fu­elled con dence – traded dirty ex­ploits who had watched pornog­ra­phy, used sex toys, had a three­some. Bianca’s hus­band, Rob, now 34, played along by pre­tend­ing they’d had sex in a club. ‘I was like, “Stop the lies!”,’ Bianca says. But she was in­trigued ‘We had a good sex life, but didn’t watch porn or any­thing out of the or­di­nary,’ she says. ‘Af­ter Rob’s joke, I thought maybe he wants to spice it up.’ In­ter­ested in hav­ing a three­some but not want­ing an en­counter with a friend – and un­sure how to ap­proach a stranger – Bianca sur­prised Rob with a trip to a swingers’ club. But they lasted ve min­utes, alarmed by both the older age of the clien­tele and the line of men re­ceiv­ing blow jobs from women clearly paid to be there.

The cou­ple changed tack and googled ‘cou­ples’ rather than venues. n a classi eds site, they came across a ‘young open-minded cou­ple’ who they de­cided to con­tact and po­ten­tially meet. When Rob called, the guy ex­plained he would need a ‘do­na­tion’ for their time. ‘We were so naive that we didn’t re­alise they were es­corts,’ says Bianca. ‘Their pic­tures weren’t at­trac­tive; we thought, we have to pay you to hang out with us?’

This led to Rob’s light-bulb mo­ment: they should post an ad­vert o er­ing them­selves as sex­ual play­mates. It was, says Rob, more of a joke than a busi­ness move.

Af­ter their ad went live, the cou­ple were so dis­turbed by how fre­quently the pre­paid phone they’d bought rang that they hid it in a kitchen drawer. A month later, Rob dared to turn the mo­bile on again. Among the count­less seedy pic­tures and dirty texts, one man’s voice­mail caught their at­ten­tion: he sounded well-spo­ken and very charm­ing. They ar­ranged for him to come to their home and to­gether set ground rules to cope with the o -the-wall sit­u­a­tion: Rob and Bianca would have sex and it would be a voyeur show for the stranger to watch and di­rect – there would be no kiss­ing or touch­ing their guest. Only, it didn’t ex­actly go to plan. irst, Rob pan­icked when he heard the man at the door. ‘I couldn’t be­lieve it was hap­pen­ing. I freaked out and locked my­self in the bath­room,’ he laughs. ‘ I’m sit­ting on the toi­let, sweat­ing… and sud­denly I hear kiss­ing. Then I re­ally freak out! She’s not sup­posed to be kiss­ing any­one.’

Rob stormed out of the bath­room to con­front their guest. ‘When I saw them em­brac­ing – to my sur­prise – it was very arous­ing.’ The rule book im­me­di­ately went out the win­dow. Lost in what Rob calls ‘in­sane pas­sion’, the three of them ended up hav­ing such in­tense sex that the vis­i­tor was 90 min­utes late for din­ner with his wife.

es­pite it be­ing a ‘crazy, amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence’, Rob had mixed emo­tions about do­ing it again. ‘Some­times im­ages would re­play in my mind of Bianca be­ing in­ti­mate with the gen­tle­man. Yes, I was turned on, but I was also a bit jeal­ous.’

A few weeks later the cou­ple switched on the phone again, and for the next six months reg­u­larly saw peo­ple. They main­tained their ‘voyeur show’ rule un­til a client asked if he could touch Bianca – and it be­came more em­broiled from there. ‘We’re now ex­perts in the eld of fan­tasy ful lment,’ Rob says. To­day, Bianca and Rob are the top-ranked ‘provider’ on The Erotic Re­view and erotic site They nav­i­gate the blurry line be­tween es­cort­ing and trad­ing sex for money by charg­ing only for their time – not what hap­pens within it. And, yes, the money is good – $600 an hour (about R8 500).

‘We’ve now ex­per­i­mented with ev­ery form of eroti­cism you can imag­ine – ex­cept any­thing to do with fae­ces or blood­shed or cute an­i­mals,’ jokes Rob. In­ter­est­ingly, the cou­ple also draws the line at work­ing with other women. They tried it once with a het­ero­sex­ual cou­ple, but Bianca couldn’t tol­er­ate see­ing Rob or­gasm with an­other woman.

Rob’s male sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ences started out as touch­ing, then pro­gressed to oral, and to­day cover the ‘ whole gamut of in­ter­ac­tion’, ex­cept be­ing on the re­ceiv­ing end of pen­e­tra­tion. ‘I’m not bi­sex­ual,’ he says. ‘Bianca loves the male-on-male stu – I think it’s a com­mon fan­tasy.’ While there is no typ­i­cal client, cu­ri­ously, it’s of­ten the most atyp­i­cal ones that lead to the best sex. Rob’s hottest sex­ual en­counter was with a man with dwar sm. ‘ e hadn’t had much sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ence and was so ex­cited,’ he says. It’s this open-minded at­ti­tude that plays a part in their pop­u­lar­ity. They use the word ‘friends’ in­stead of ‘clients’ and see 90% on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

Bianca picks up on the sex­ual anx­i­ety of their clients; di­rect­ing sin­gle guys un­sure how to kiss a woman and re­as­sur­ing those wor­ried about their gen­i­tals. ‘You can read about sex, you can watch movies, but you don’t learn,’ she says. And es­cort­ing has been some­thing of a learn­ing curve for Bianca her­self: Rob will come home to nd her ‘as any one of 1 000 women’ – wear­ing a black wig, dressed as a stripper or ready to be tied up.

‘Our love is stronger as we’ve be­come more open,’ she says, but ad­mits they have to em­ploy some tech­niques to keep their con­nec­tion the pri­or­ity. ‘In a three­some or a four­some, al­ways keep eye con­tact with your part­ner.’

One of the other bound­aries is un­spo­ken. Among their friends, col­leagues and fam­ily, no one knows. Re­cently, how­ever, they’ve been less con­cerned about anonymity. A year ago, re­as­sured by their fam­i­lies liv­ing over­seas, they de­cided to re­veal their faces on their web­site Ta­boocou­ They now plan to take ev­ery­thing they’ve learned from es­cort­ing and use it to be­come certi ed sex coaches – a role Bianca thinks even her con­ser­va­tive mother might ac­cept.

‘We’ve be­come ex­perts in men’s sex­u­al­ity and bi­sex­u­al­ity, and coach­ing would let us talk over the phone, all over the world,’ she says. ‘We want to help im­prove mar­riages.’


Rob and Bianca

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