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Apps that chart your run or how well you slept are com­mon­place. But the newly launched Elvie ( 199, about R3 000, avail­able from is un­char­tered ter­ri­tory. De­signed by phys­ios, the egg-shaped de­vice is in­serted into the vagina and syncs to an app (avail­able on iOS and An­droid). It’s de­signed to be worn all day, but I pre­ferred to put it in, do the ex­er­cises and take it out again. Mon­day The Elvie has to be charged and con­nected to your phone via Blue­tooth. You then insert it as far as you would a tam­pon.Af­ter some ini­tial faf ng – it took a while to get the de­vice feel­ing com­fort­able – I’m ready. There are three work­outs. In the strength test, I have to ‘lift’ the gem on my phone screen for three sec­onds, re­lax, then re­peat. Next are pulses – squeez­ing my pelvic oor in quick suc­ces­sion to ‘hit’ the gems. The nal work­out in­volves keep­ing the gem lifted for ve sec­onds, then re­lax­ing for ve, and so on. I only get a score of 21%, but that makes me want to im­prove. Tues­day I get up 10 min­utes ear­lier for a pelvic oor work­out. Like any ex­er­cise, I know breath­ing is key – but should I be breath­ing in, out, or hold­ing it? The app would bene t from some ad­vice on this. You can use Elvie stand­ing or sit­ting, but I nd it most com­fort­able ly­ing down. Score to­day? 25%. Wed­nes­day The pulses work­out is a bug­ger. I keep ‘lift­ing’ the gem at the wrong mo­ment and ‘drop­ping’ it when I should be lift­ing. ‘So you’re ba­si­cally play­ing a com­puter game with your vagina?’ asks my hus­band. Yep. Thurs­day I’m slowly get­ting the hang of it.To keep the de­vice and app con­nected, I have to hold my phone close to my groin, which my hus­band thinks is weird. I got 60% for the lifts to­day, though, so I don’t re­ally care. Fri­day I’m feel­ing con dent, so I de­cide to wear my Elvie to work. Once I’m at my desk, I be­gin squeez­ing and lift­ing. But my phone keeps los­ing Wi-Fi con­nec­tion, so I give up. Satur­day I de­cide to get a work­out in while hav­ing coffee with my sis­ter. The app is so in­con­spic­u­ous, I may as well be check­ing Twit­ter for all she knows. Score: 89%. Is there no stop­ping me? Sun­day I get a per­fect ve out of ve on the pulses work­out, and 86% on the lifts.Af­ter seven days, I’m de nitely more aware of my pelvic oor mus­cles. It’s been an education – and it’s fun. mc

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