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VIRGO (24 Aug – 23 Sep)

We en­joy talking about what we couldn’t see com­ing, those events we are pow­er­less to avoid. But we don’t ask our­selves what value these sit­u­a­tions bring. With the Sun, Mars, Venus and your ruler all travers­ing Virgo this month, you may start to won­der why you’re feel­ing stressed. Then, you’ll get a glo­ri­ous re­minder. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

LIBRA (24 SEP – 23 OCT)

The Equinox is com­ing and the Sun is re­turn­ing to your sign. It’s time to pur­sue the goals you’ve been work­ing up to, and make the de­ci­sions that you may have been guilty of putting off. Pro­vide the plan­ets with the right sit­u­a­tions, and they’ll of­fer a help­ing hand. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire


You’re re­li­able and trust­wor­thy. You’re the per­son who com­mits when it re­ally mat­ters. You don’t want to ap­pear fickle, or to let any­one down. Your ruler, Pluto, turns di­rect this month, fi­nally lead­ing you to a ben­e­fi­cial turn­ing point. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire


Though you may be feel­ing strain, you’re not far from suc­cess. The jour­ney you’ve been on has opened your mind up to so many pos­si­bil­i­ties. Here’s the chance to im­ple­ment changes and to use the knowl­edge you’ve learned. This op­por­tu­nity is golden. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire


Crit­i­cism isn’t al­ways con­struc­tive. At times, it may even seem phrased to dis­par­age our abil­ity and char­ac­ter. Some­one’s ob­ser­va­tions have made you feel as if you’re lack­ing some­thing. Don’t fol­low that train of thought, as Septem­ber’s fi­nal Jupiter-Uranus op­po­si­tion will re­dress any im­bal­ance. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire


It may be hard to push you into do­ing some­thing you’re not in­clined to pur­sue. But there’s been more pres­sure ap­plied than usual. Some of it might be sub­tle. This month, you’ll fi­nally be able to fo­cus on ex­plor­ing what you can change to make your own life more than sat­is­fy­ing. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

PISCES (20 FEB – 20 MAR)

It’s time to keep a close eye on your re­la­tion­ships. The cos­mic winds sug­gest change is in the air. Be­fore you be­gin to worry, let me as­sure you that this will be for the good. It brings a hap­pier re­la­tion­ship, not only with some­one else, but also with your­self. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

ARIES (21 MAR – 20 APR)

Septem­ber brings both clar­ity and confusion. The key is not to be­come frus­trated dur­ing one pe­riod, nor too cav­a­lier in the other. You’re be­ing granted the abil­ity to see what changes must be made. Be con­fi­dent that you can turn this op­por­tu­nity into tan­gi­ble suc­cess. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/ marieclaire

TAURUS (21 APR – 21 MAY)

Are you where you’re sup­posed to be? Has ev­ery­thing up un­til now just been a se­ries of chance events? It doesn’t mat­ter. It’s ‘be­ing’ here that’s im­por­tant, not the man­ner in which you ar­rived. In Septem­ber your next des­ti­na­tion will be clear. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/ marieclaire


There’s a chance that, as your ruler makes feisty con­junc­tions with Mars, you might be more prone to anger than usual. But anger is use­ful when chan­nelled cor­rectly. If you’re smart about how you ex­press your pas­sion, it’ll be a key com­po­nent in your progress. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

CAN­CER (23 JUN – 23 JUL)

Venus trav­els through your sign and not only will she help you take bet­ter care of oth­ers, she will also look af­ter you. With your needs met, you’ll be free to fo­cus on what you want. And you’ll be pleased to see how your pri­or­i­ties change. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

LEO (24 JULY – 23 AU­GUST)

Mars leav­ing your sign and Mer­cury turn­ing di­rect comes as a bless­ing and a process of ad­just­ment. You’ll fi­nally find that a source of stress be­comes less an­tag­o­nis­ing, and that you’re able to re­lax af­ter what’s felt like a busy pe­riod. This is a chance to rest and re­view. Soon enough, the path that’s ap­pear­ing will in­spire you. Find out your fu­ture Cainer.com/marieclaire

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