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High-In­ten­sity In­ter­val Train­ing (HIIT), also called High-In­ten­sity In­ter­mit­tent Ex­er­cise (HIIE) or Sprint In­ter­val Train­ing (SIT), is a form of in­ter­val train­ing that uses al­ter­nat­ing pe­ri­ods of anaer­o­bic ex­er­cise with re­cov­ery pe­ri­ods. These ses­sions can vary from four to 30 min­utes and come with huge ben­e­fits, build­ing mus­cle and speed­ing up your me­tab­o­lism, burn­ing fat, im­prov­ing en­ergy sys­tems and turn­ing you into a bet­ter all-round ath­lete. There are a num­ber of kinds of HIIT, the fa­mous ones are known as reg­i­mens (some ex­am­ples are the Timmons reg­i­men and the Peter Coe reg­i­men) but the most popular is Ta­bata, cre­ated by Pro­fes­sor Izumi Ta­bata: 20 sec­onds of ex­er­cise fol­lowed by 10 sec­onds of rest, re­peated eight times (which cov­ers a to­tal of four min­utes). You can use this rou­tine in al­most any kind of train­ing.

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