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Flex­i­bil­ity may be the most im­por­tant fac­tor in mak­ing a suc­cess­ful golfer. Prac­tise these two ex­er­cises three to five days a week:

1/ Dy­namic Twists Lie flat and cross your right leg over your left, with your left hand on your right knee. Ro­tate to the left, bring­ing your right arm to shoul­der height. In­hale and ex­ter­nally ro­tate your right shoul­der, bend­ing your el­bow and bring­ing your hand to­wards your head. Ex­hale and in­ter­nally ro­tate your right shoul­der, bring­ing your right hand to­wards your waist. Re­peat five to 10 times and switch sides. Both these stretches will im­prove your back­swing and al­le­vi­ate swing faults.

2/ Win­dow Wash­ers Lie on your back with your feet placed close to your glutes, wider than hip-width apart. In­hale and lower both your knees to the right. Ex­hale as you re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Re­peat 10 times in each di­rec­tion.

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