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Use these two run­ning ex­er­cises to get faster on the road and trail:

1/ Shut­tle Sprints Use two mark­ers to cre­ate a 10-me­tre long run­ning track. Be­gin in a sprint start, and run to the other side, mak­ing sure you touch the other side of the line with both palms flat on the floor. Run back and do the same on the other side. that’s one rep. Do 15, and time your­self. Your goal is to get quicker ev­ery time.

2/ 800-Me­tre Re­peats Use a GPS, foot pod or your car’s odome­ter to mea­sure out 800 me­tres. Af­ter do­ing a slow jog warm-up, run 800 me­tres as fast as you can. Record your time, and jog back to the start. Re­peat four more times, record­ing your times for each. Use this as a base­line and aim to get faster with a shorter break in-be­tween.

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