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Use these three ex­plo­sive ex­er­cises to be­come more pow­er­ful and to build bet­ter func­tional fit­ness:

1 / Seated Box Jumps

Get two boxes, one higher than the other. Start in a seated po­si­tion, and, us­ing mo­men­tum by swinging your arms, jump up onto the higher box. Land with bended knees and as softly as pos­si­ble. Aim to jump higher each time.

2 / Clap Push-Ups

Get into a nor­mal push-up po­si­tion, but af­ter low­er­ing your­self to the ground (keep­ing your el­bows tucked in), once your chest touches the ground, push up ex­plo­sively off the floor and clap your hands at the top of the move­ment (while in mid-air). In­crease the rep range as you get stronger.

3/ Broad Jumps

Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart, and af­ter swinging your arms back for mo­men­tum, bend your knees and jump as far for­wards as you can. Aim for pow­er­ful hip ex­ten­sion. You need to land with con­trol and with both feet in line – no stum­bling or step­ping for­ward.

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