Men's Health - Belly Off Guide - - RAMP UP YOUR WORKOUTS! -

If you like the work­out de­tailed in this chap­ter, you’ll love The Belly Off Plan. This 12-week weight-loss plan was de­signed by the Men’s Health panel of ex­perts to help you trans­form your body faster than you ever thought pos­si­ble. Read on for a taste of what you can ac­com­plish with the help of this easy-to-fol­low pro­gramme

SHRED FAT For­get ex­pen­sive train­ers, bro­science and trends – we’ve got the pro­fes­sional so­lu­tion that’ll melt your fat. Spe­cially crafted by the Sport Sci­ence In­si­tute of SA, this 12-week work­out plan works for ev­ery­one.

STAY ON TRACK The plan starts with mostly body­weight work, at a care­fully cal­i­brated in­ten­sity. With clear in­struc­tions and guides for the per­fect ex­er­cise form, you’ll get through your 12 weeks with­out a nig­gle.

EAT RIGHT At MH we don’t be­lieve in “di­ets”. We be­lieve in eat­ing plans, prop­erly for­mu­lated to give you the re­sults you want. Our plan can be eas­ily scaled and cus­tomised to suit any body­weight.

KEEP IT OFF The Belly Off Plan is not a short-term fix; it’s the blue­print for a new life­style, de­signed to teach you the cor­rect prin­ci­ples, mak­ing sure you master the mys­ter­ies of healthy eat­ing and ap­pro­pri­ate ex­er­cise.

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