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When you’re down and out with a cold, you need the hard stuff. And we’re not talk­ing about a su­per­charged Hot Toddy (it won’t hurt), but a clas­sic el­der­berry-in­fused G and T. Re­searchers at Grif­fith Univer­sity in Queens­land, Aus­tralia, dis­cov­ered that the quercetin and an­tho­cyanins in el­der­ber­ries re­duce cold du­ra­tion by two days, as well as sig­nif­i­cantly curb­ing the sever­ity of symp­toms. Sub­jects who took an ex­tract of the fruit in sup­ple­ment form re­cov­ered faster than those who popped a placebo. Now, nat­u­rally a tart glass of el­der­berry juice would be your most ex­pe­di­ent pre­scrip­tion. But, when faced with a deadly of­fice epidemic, a splash of the hard stuff does cer­tainly seem to stiffen one’s re­solve. Make ours a dou­ble.

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