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Count­less stud­ies back the ben­e­fits of meditation, but reap­ing the re­wards re­quires a lit­tle know-how: 1/ As­sume the Po­si­tion

This isn’t yoga, so you won’t be ex­pected to bend into ques­tion­able shapes named af­ter even more ques­tion­able an­i­mals. Sit in a re­laxed, up­right po­si­tion with your hands rest­ing com­fort­ably in your lap. You don’t have to sit cross­legged on the floor; a com­fort­able chair works too.

2/ Find Your Fo­cal Point

Fo­cus your mind on one thing. We call this a mantra or a mind tool. Your mantra could be a par­tic­u­lar word, or a sound out­side, or even just your breath and the sen­sa­tion of your sit­ting body. Here’s a cool one too: a flick­er­ing can­dle flame is a great fo­cal point as well.

3/ Ex­er­cise Con­trol

Your mind will wan­der, but when you no­tice it, gen­tly bring back your thoughts to your mantra. The act of re­fo­cus­ing strength­ens your at­ten­tion. Re­mem­ber, the longer you med­i­tate, the deeper your state of re­lax­ation.

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