Fin­ish Your Six-Pack in Just 10 Min­utes

Th­ese moves might look old-school, but add this core fin­isher to your rou­tine and you’ll shred your abs fast. Pre­pare to be sore for days

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Now that many guys think they should never do sit-ups, they’re in­cred­i­bly weak in the move­ment. But you need them to per­form bet­ter in many sports, and for more de­fined abs. – Bobby Max­imus

Do th­ese ex­er­cises as a cir­cuit, per­form­ing them in or­der for 30 sec­onds each. Once you’ve com­pleted all four, rest for 30 sec­onds. That’s 1 cir­cuit; do 4. 1 Sit-Up

Lie on your back with your heels firm and knees bent 90-de­grees. Keep your hands in a fist in front of your chest. Now raise your torso to meet your up­per legs, keep­ing your back straight through­out. Lower your torso back to the floor.

2 Flut­ter Kick

Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, palms down. Lift your feet and shoul­ders slightly off the floor. Now make small, rapid scis­sor kicks in the air – one leg ris­ing while the other falls – while keep­ing your abs con­tracted.

3 V-Sit Kick­out

Sit in a V po­si­tion: feet off the floor, hips and knees bent, torso at a 45-de­gree an­gle. Your arms should be straight out in front of you. Lower your torso and straighten your legs, keep­ing your legs off the floor. Re­turn to the V-sit.

4 Plank

As­sume a push-up po­si­tion, but with your el­bows bent and your weight rest­ing on your fore­arms. “Push” your up­per back to­ward the ceil­ing. Brace ev­ery mus­cle in your body, es­pe­cially your abs and glutes, as if you’re about to be punched in the gut. Trainer: Bobby Max­imus, gen­eral man­ager, Gym Jones, Salt Lake City Time: 10 min­utes

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