“Find some­thing you re­ally want badly, and you won’t keep cheat­ing your­self.”

Men's Health (South Africa) - - WEIGHT LOSS -

1 The Prob­lem

“I started gain­ing weight af­ter I got mar­ried in 2000. The weight grad­u­ally in­creased de­spite be­ing a reg­u­lar at the gym and an avid cy­clist. I’ve done more than 20 cy­cle races but never lost weight. I’ve been con­sis­tent by weigh­ing in at 107kg for years. I used to work five days a week at a nor­mal day job, then worked on week­ends as a bouncer at night clubs, where I’d end up eat­ing all sorts of com­fort food, like boerie rolls and pies.” THE LES­SON You need to pay the bills – but if you don’t look af­ter your body and your health, there’s no amount of money that can help you re­v­erse the dam­age.

2 The Change

“Be­ing over­weight caused a mas­sive back is­sue for me, and walk­ing around in clubs all night made it much worse. When I stood for ex­ten­sive pe­ri­ods, or did things like shop­ping, my back would spasm. It got so bad that I couldn’t play with my sons for more than 15 min­utes.”

THE LES­SON Be­ing over­weight means big­ger clothes and chang­ing your whole wardrobe, which costs you se­ri­ous money and self-es­teem. The an­swer is to set goals and fol­low them with­out questioning them. Per­sis­tence is the key to change. Be­ing over­weight doesn’t hap­pen over night, so los­ing weight doesn’t hap­pen over night ei­ther. You need to work to lose it.

3 The Strat­egy

“My weak­ness was junk food, so my strat­egy was to dis­ci­pline my­self to say no. I went to me­dia events, func­tions, par­ties, fam­ily events and restau­rants, but re­fused to eat the wrong food. I fol­lowed the diet plan my coach gave me with­out com­plain­ing. I stopped drink­ing, stopped binge­ing, kept healthy snacks close to me and learned how to say no. Get­ting on to the stage was my ul­ti­mate goal. If you want some­thing re­ally badly, you won’t cheat your­self.”

THE LES­SON One of the big­gest mis­con­cep­tions is that peo­ple feel that by go­ing to the gym enough, it war­rants whole­sale cheat­ing on your meal plan. It doesn’t.

4 The Re­sult

“When I saw my pants were be­com­ing loose, I be­came ad­dicted to the changes. From size 42 to 40, then down to 36, and when I dropped to 34 I was ec­static. Now I have to buy size 32, be­cause size 30 pants don’t fit my thighs.”

THE LES­SON The small re­sults will keep you go­ing to­wards the big one. They will keep you mo­ti­vated, and your friends and fam­ily will also pro­vide pos­i­tive feed­back.

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