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Nearly half the women sur­veyed have tried light bondage. Sure enough, when we asked women what they like in bed, words like “take charge,” “get rough,” and “dom­i­nance” came up – a lot. “Fifty Shades of Grey tapped into some­thing that’s been around in women for­ever,” says Fisher. “I call it the iguana syn­drome.” What? A fe­male iguana will lie on her stom­ach, raise her butt and sur­ren­der to the male. “If ei­ther one doesn’t play his or her part, the cop­u­la­tion doesn’t oc­cur,” Fisher says. “I think sur­ren­der is a hu­man con­struct based on a ba­sic pri­mor­dial strat­egy in which the woman sur­ren­ders com­pletely and the man dom­i­nates to im­press her.” We com­mand you to try. See “Bondage 101” from BDSM ed­u­ca­tor Si­mone Jus­tice. 1in5 women want more light bondage/ kink in the bed­room.

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