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“Make sure your mus­cles are try­ing as hard as they can. And keep your bones straight. [Sits up to demon­strate.] Also, do more jump­ing jacks.” – Joey, 6

“Run around the gar­den like the dog does. He seems like he’s in pretty good shape.” – Gabriella, 7

“Yoga is a good idea. It stretches out your body so you don’t shrink.” – Gemma, 7

“Just run all the time. Run like there’s hot lava be­hind you. Be­cause then even if you get tired, you’ll be like, ‘Aaaaaiee! Lava!’ And you’ll keep run­ning.” – Thato, 5

• NU­TRI­TION “You need to eat spinach. And then you can throw it up in the toi­let. And chicken. Is tortellini healthy?” – Joey, 6

“Eat lots of broc­coli. It might give you bad farts, but it makes you stronger if you eat the stems. If you fart a lot but you’re strong, I think that’s a good deal.” – Gemma, 7

“Don’t do any di­ets. Just eat healthy stuff with­out do­ing any­thing weird. Def­i­nitely don’t do the diet where you eat other hu­mans.” – Thato, 5

• LONGEVITY “Don’t cross the street with­out look­ing both ways be­cause you could get hit by a car and then some­body else gets all the candy.” – Char­lie, 5

“Drink like three jugs of wa­ter ev­ery day, or be­come a tree or jel­ly­fish.” – Mor­gan, 8

“Get a big­ger house. If your house is re­ally big, you’ll have to walk a long way just to get to the bath­room. That’s a lot of ex­er­cise. I think peo­ple who live to 100 had to walk up and down a lot of stairs just to go potty.” – Ian, 5

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