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POP THE LID ON HEADACHES Mi­graines of­ten go un­di­ag­nosed in men, re­cent re­search sug­gests. If you have more than two at­tacks a month, mela­tonin might help. Peo­ple in a Brazil­ian study who popped 3 mil­ligrams of this pop­u­lar sleep sup­ple­ment ev­ery night at bed­time fended off headaches just as well as those who took pre­scrip­tion mi­graine medicine. Speak to your doc­tor be­fore head­ing to the pharmacy, as you may need a pre­scrip­tion.

SEEK A HELP­ING HAND FOR BACK PAIN Re­search from the Univer­sity of North Texas sug­gests that os­teo­pathic ma­nip­u­la­tion, or the hands-on treat­ment of mus­cle and joint prob­lems by a doc­tor of os­teo­pathic medicine, may soothe chronic lower-back pain. Peo­ple who had six ses­sions with a doc­tor of os­teo­pathic medicine over eight weeks more than dou­bled their odds of re­cov­ery. Os­teo­pathic ma­nip­u­la­tion may work by min­imis­ing mus­cle im­bal­ances, says study au­thor John Lic­cia­r­done. “That mus­cu­lar asym­me­try may pro­duce me­chan­i­cal stress in the spine that ag­gra­vates pain,” he says.

SHORE UP YOUR NECK AND SHOUL­DERS Lean­ing for­ward all day at work (sound fa­mil­iar?) can give you rounded shoul­ders and a stiff neck. To re­bal­ance, do spe­cial lat pull­downs, says Mitchell Yass, au­thor of The Pain Cure Rx. Lean back with your hips at a 30-de­gree an­gle and reach for the bar (or an elas­tic band). Then pull down with your arms straight and wide, bring­ing your el­bows in line with your shoul­ders, and re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Do 3 sets of 10 reps, three days a week, with a minute of rest be­tween each set.

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