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GUARD YOUR GUMS Swollen gums look bad, feel bad, and are bad for you. Con­sider whey your weapon: Peo­ple who eat at least 9.6 grams of whey pro­tein a day have a 25% lower risk of se­vere gum dis­ease, a Danish study found. Whey may in­hibit plaque for­ma­tion and en­hance im­mune sys­tem func­tion. Ri­cotta cheese is a good source.

GET YOUR HEAD IN THE HAIR GAME Think of sham­poo as skin care for your scalp. “When peo­ple think about hair, they of­ten for­get about the skin un­der it,” says Cindy Jones, a biochemist who for­mu­lates skin and hair care prod­ucts. Scalp skin con­tains the fol­li­cles that de­ter­mine the health of each strand. Use a sham­poo with B vi­ta­mins, like niacin and pan­thenol to nour­ish them.

SAVE YOUR SMILE Acid is the en­emy of the nat­u­ral, min­er­al­rich enamel on your teeth. In a Univer­sity of Alabama study of nearly 400 flavoured wa­ters, sports drinks, fruit drinks, so­das, en­ergy drinks and other caf­feinated bev­er­ages, 93% had a pH in the den­tal dan­ger zone. Drink lots of wa­ter and choose re­fresh­ments that are less ero­sive. Here’s how a few com­mon bev­er­ages stacked up:

Min­i­mally Ero­sive: Per­rier sparkling nat­u­ral min­eral wa­ter; medium roast cof­fee Ero­sive: Vi­ta­m­inWater Power-C Drag­on­fruit Ex­tremely Ero­sive: Pow­er­ade Or­ange, Rock­star En­ergy Drink

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