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WA­TER DOWN STRESS Turn off Tidal and lis­ten to ac­tual tides. The jour­nal Health En­vi­ron­ments Re­search re­ports that peo­ple who lis­tened to the sound of ocean waves be­gan to calm down within just seven min­utes. It’s all about the “bio­philia hy­poth­e­sis,” or the idea that hu­man sur­vival in­stincts are bound to nat­u­ral sur­round­ings be­cause that’s the en­vi­ron­ment in which we evolved. Down­load an app like Ocean Wave Sounds for Sleep and Re­lax­ation (free, iTunes).

HACK YOUR HOR­MONES Hor­mones can en­er­gise or ex­haust you. For in­stance, testos­terone helps you build mus­cle; chronic ex­cess cor­ti­sol, a stress hor­mone, is linked to burnout. But work­ing out for 40 min­utes four morn­ings a week can raise your T-lev­els and re­duce cor­ti­sol, a study sug­gests. Jog in place and do jump­ing jacks for a minute each; then walk for three min­utes. Next, walk briskly for three min­utes and run for two. Then do 3 sets of 10 reps each of front kicks, high knees, and lunges with 20 sec­onds of rest in be­tween. Fol­low with three sets of 12 reps each of squats, push-ups, bridges and situps with 30-sec­ond rests. Stretch for five min­utes.

STICK IT TO AL­LER­GIES Call an acupunc­tur­ist. Needling might re­lieve per­sis­tent, en­ergy-sap­ping al­ler­gies by tamp­ing down over­ac­tive im­mune re­sponses. For best re­sults, have 12 treat­ments – two or three a week, sug­gests John McDon­ald, of Aus­tralia’s Grif­fith Univer­sity School of Medicine.

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