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The Low­down / As you age, gain ex­pe­ri­ence and grow wise, so your train­ing should evolve, too. “Com­plex train­ing is your new best friend,” Hin­ton says. “Short, high-in­ten­sity forms of train­ing are time-ef­fi­cient and will leave your me­tab­o­lism scorch­ing calo­ries long af­ter you leave the gym.” Hin­ton sug­gests pair­ing a strength ex­er­cise with a multi-joint ply­o­met­ric ex­er­cise (such as a bench­press and clap­ping push-ups) into com­plex sets with lit­tle to no rest be­tween. “This will stim­u­late fast-twitch fi­bre growth while si­mul­ta­ne­ously awak­en­ing the ner­vous sys­tem.” This in turn can help fight the on­set of Alzheimer’s and de­men­tia, both of which are more likely to de­velop in your 40s. Now might be the best time to in­vest in a coach. “The ex­tra set of eyes will en­sure that you fo­cus on form over load, break­ing bad habits that you might have formed over the years.”

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