Es­cape the in­doors and your reg­u­lar work­out rou­tine with this do-any­where, min­i­mal-equip­ment pro­gramme


Do this work­out 1 to 3 days a week. It can be your pri­mary train­ing pro­gramme for 4 weeks, a con­ve­nient way to work out while on the road, or sim­ply an oc­ca­sional break from your typ­i­cal gym rou­tine. A park that has equip­ment for body­weight ex­er­cises is ideal, but any play­ground with swings, bars, and benches will work. First, warm up by walk­ing, run­ning, or do­ing some calisthenics. Then per­form the same-let­ter ex­er­cises (A1, A2, A3; B1, B2, B3) as mini-cir­cuits, with lit­tle rest be­tween moves. Rest 90 sec­onds af­ter each cir­cuit, and then re­peat. You can also swap out or add in any of the ex­er­cises shown on page 112.

Ex­plo­sive Push-up

As­sume a push-up po­si­tion. Lower your chest to the ground; then push up ex­plo­sively. If your hands come off the ground (they don’t have to), land with soft el­bows and wrists, and move on to the next rep. 3 sets of 5

Par­al­lel Bar Leg Raise

Grab the par­al­lel bars (or one end of the mon­key bars) so you can raise your legs with your arms straight. Raise your legs un­til they form a 90-de­gree an­gle with your torso. Pause and lower them. 3 sets of up to 10

Sprinter Step-up on Bench

Place your right foot on a bench. Push through your right heel and drive your left knee up un­til it’s higher than your hips; then lower your left leg to the ground. Do 8 reps and re­peat with your left foot on the bench. 3 sets

Pull-up with 10-Sec­ond Hold

Grab a bar us­ing an over­hand grip. Pull your­self up and hold for 10 sec­onds. Then take 5 sec­onds to lower your­self. That’s 1 rep. (As an al­ter­na­tive, do the in­verted row us­ing a towel grip, de­scribed on the next page.) 3 sets of 3

Plank Climb Against a Pole

Set your hands on a pole. Ad­just your feet un­til your body, the pole, and the ground form a triangle. Walk your hands down the pole as far as you can while stay­ing as straight as pos­si­ble. Walk back up. That’s 1 rep. 3 sets of 5

Bul­gar­ian Split Squat

Lift your left foot be­hind you and rest your toes or in­step on a swing, bar, or bench. Lower your­self un­til your right knee bends about 90 de­grees. Then push back up. Do 6 reps, switch legs, and re­peat. 3 sets

To fin­ish each work­out, pick the run­ning op­tion be­low that best suits your mood or abil­ity. Run 100m; walk back. Do 5 reps. Run 40 to 50m; walk back. Do 8 reps. Sprint 20m; jog back. Do 10 reps.

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