24 ways to lose weight, 24 hours a day


If win­ter hi­ber­na­tion has caused you to add some blub­ber, it’s time to adopt an ‘EPOC’ ap­proach to fat loss. This pick ’n’ mix plan of cir­cuits, HIIT and nutri­tional tips is de­signed to su­per­charge your Ex­cess Post-Ex­er­cise Oxy­gen Con­sump­tion – or ‘af­ter­burn’ – turn­ing your body into a per­pet­ual fat-blast­ing fur­nace. It’s time to get stoked

0 1 Nuke Your Me­tab­o­lism

Ac­cord­ing to the Col­lege of New Jer­sey, run­ning at 85% max heart rate for 20min be­fore drop­ping to 65% fires up your fat burn for the rest of the day, cut­ting 23% more kilo­joules than fit­ting in sprints at the end of the ses­sion. Get it over with.

0 2 Eat Your Feel­ings

Ac­cord­ing to Cor­nell Uni, 39% of di­eters shown a neg­a­tive mes­sage about junk food ate more of it, while lais­sez faire types craved it less. Be­ing bad might feel good, but it’s not a healthy state of mind. Be­sides, Big Macs are just big macros.

0 3 Chase Down Din­ner

Cave­men had to chase their meals – so should you. Ex­eter Univer­sity found 8min of HIIT be­fore eat­ing im­proves blood­ves­sel func­tion, main­tain­ing me­tab­o­lism. A set of burpees while din­ner cooks should do it.

0 4 Choose The White Stuff

Re­searchers at McMaster Univer­sity found that men who fol­lowed up their weights train­ing with a tall glass of milk lost dou­ble the fat of en­ergy drink swig­gers over 12 weeks.

0 5 Lunchtime Pick ’ n’ Mix

You should know by now that shift­ing heavy weights pro­vides a sig­nif­i­cantly greater EPOC ef­fect than steady-state ex­er­cise. But with­out va­ri­ety, fat loss goals can grow stale. To pre­vent your lunchtime es­cape be­com­ing a chore, we ran the num­bers on some tai­lored pur­suits. Pick three to put the ‘ fun’ back in ‘ fat burn’.

0 6 Grow Slow

Ac­cord­ing to West Vir­ginia Univer­sity, tak­ing your time in the gym has big ben­e­fits. By com­plet­ing reps slowly, you’ll over­load mus­cles, in­creas­ing strength by 50% and spik­ing EPOC. It re­ally is pos­si­ble to cut and bulk si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

0 7 EMOM’s The Word

PT Luke Barns­ley has per­fected the art of the sus­tained fat burn. Fol­low­ing an EMOM pro­to­col (ev­ery minute, on the minute), do 10min of the be­low, per­form­ing burpees on the minute, then plank­ing for the re­main­der of the 60sec. Your time starts now.

0 8 Roast Fat For Din­ner

In a Chi­nese study, sub­jects in­gest­ing 4g of l-his­ti­dine a day shifted an inch from their waists with­out mak­ing any ad­di­tional di­etary changes. It just so hap­pens your Sun­day joint of lamb is loaded with the stuff, so pile it high.

0 9 Eat Pizza To Flat­ten Hunger

Ac­cord­ing to dogma-de­fy­ing re­searchers at the Uni of Michi­gan, up­ping kilo­joules by 30% over a seven-day pe­riod crushes diet-de­rail­ing in­sulin spikes. Just half an hour of ex­er­cise a day – a jog to the su­per­mar­ket and back – will keep your cheat week on track.

1 0 Leaner LOLs

A study by the Loma Linda Univer­sity in Cal­i­for­nia found laughter de­mol­ishes the fat-en­abling hor­mone cor­ti­sol. Fol­low your work­out with an episode of a com­edy show – such as Com­edy Central on DStv – to re­ally laugh it off.

1 1 Break­ing Down The Doors

Ac­cord­ing to per­sonal trainer Barns­ley, if you want to su­per­charge your EPOC po­ten­tial, it’s time to get zen about pain bar­ri­ers and break on through to the other side. “Most peo­ple think train­ing is about push­ing our­selves as hard as we can un­til we hit a pain bar­rier. Very few of us re­alise we can push through these walls. Next time you go for a full-on EPOC ses­sion, make the de­ci­sion to keep go­ing when your body is scream­ing for some respite. The de­sire to stop will be all-con­sum­ing, but if you stay fo­cused, you will smash through it. Not only will you be build­ing greater men­tal re­silience and train­ing your body to work harder than ever, but by find­ing the calm in the chaos you’ll dras­ti­cally in­crease your work rate: this is where EPOC lives.”

1 2 Buzz Cut

Switch your pre-work­out amer­i­cano for guillermo, an espresso over lime. James Harper, barista at Fork Deli Patis­serie, says its acidic flavonoids aid di­ges­tion to curb post-whey bloat­ing.

1 3 Supp­grade Your Cup­boards

Re­searchers found sub­jects tak­ing three daily doses of hi­bis­cus lost 1.2kg in 12 weeks – with no ex­tra ex­er­cise. Take a tab be­fore your next HIIT class to dou­ble down.

1 4 Go Hard, Then Go Home

In the mood to get in and get out? Then go as heavy and hard as pos­si­ble. Ac­cord­ing to Colorado State Univer­sity, work­ing at 80% of your max heart rate for 40min will ramp up your me­tab­o­lism for nearly 19 hours. Deep breath, now.

1 5 Fast Re­sults 1 6 Jump The Queue

A study from Ari­zona State Univer­sity found just 10min of skip­ping is as ef­fec­tive as half an hour on the tread­mill – and con­sid­er­ably less bor­ing.

1 7 Tea Off

Re­searchers at Konkuk Uni in South Korea found com­pounds in gin­seng tea amp up fat ox­i­da­tion dur­ing the first 20min of ex­er­cise, help­ing you scorch through blub­ber faster. Plan­ning a morn­ing ses­sion? Get the ket­tle on.

1 8 Af­ter Burner

Kept short and sweet, an evening work­out can boost your anaer­o­bic ca­pac­ity by 7% with­out late-night adren­a­line wor­ries, says Ap­plied Phys­i­ol­ogy, Nu­tri­tion & Me­tab­o­lism. Mix­ing yo­gic breath­ing with strength work, this press-up will power EPOC un­til sun-up.

1 9 Sound Ad­vice

Ac­cord­ing to Dr Charles Spence, direc­tor of Ox­ford Univer­sity’s cross-modal re­search lab, restau­rants play up­beat music to make cus­tomers eat fast and order more. Bust out the slow jamz to fill up with­out fill­ing out.

2 0 Take­away Temp­ta­tion

Ac­cord­ing to the Jour­nal of the Academy of Nu­tri­tion and

Di­etet­ics, Ital­ian take­aways are the worst for your six-pack, with an av­er­age of 6 200kJ per meal. Greek – with 3 600 – is best for off-menu in­dul­gences.

2 1 Get Fat

A study in the To­hoku Jour­nal of Ex­per­i­men­tal Medicine found high-in­ten­sity ex­er­cise in­creases your lev­els of irisin – the hor­mone re­spon­si­ble for fat-burn­ing brown fat. Fin­ish ev­ery other work­out with sprints to out­pace the ki­los.

2 2 Em­brace The Grind

If ‘protein + carbs’ is get­ting you down, am­plify both taste and your weight loss with this spice mix from nu­tri­tion­ist Joe Sex­ton. Con­cocted from back-of-the-cup­board sta­ples, it’s packed with blood-sugar bal­ancers, anti-in­flam­ma­to­ries and me­tab­o­lism boosters to help un­cover your abs all day long. Add it to your lean meat, eggs and greens to keep your mind off the lo­cal shwarma shop.

2 3 ARMaged­don

Think big guns are just for show? Wrong. Fir­ing them up also locks and loads your me­tab­o­lism. As Men’s Physique Bri­tish Cham­pion 2016, Ai­dan Brod­dell knows a thing or two about fill­ing shirt sleeves and mov­ing down belt notches at the same time. Done twice a week, this ket­tle­bell ses­sion will not only bol­ster your pis­tols, but un-hol­ster your fat-burn­ing po­ten­tial for up to 48 hours. In other words, fire away.

2 4 Black Ops

Hav­ing a pre-bed rou­tine that doesn’t just in­clude an­other episode of GoT is es­sen­tial to get­ting a suf­fi­cient level of shut­eye, which in turn will scorch fat while you doze. “Sleep is when our bod­ies re­place hu­man growth hor­mone and testos­terone – a vi­tal combo when fight­ing fat,” says Barns­ley. This, then, is your new PB (pre-bed) reg­i­men.


Drop into a crouch (A), then kick your legs out be­hind you. Hop them for­ward and ex­plode up, jump­ing high with hands over­head (B).

In a press-up po­si­tion, ex­tend

HOLD FOR THE RE­MAIN­DER OF THE MINUTE your arms and hold. By keep­ing your arms long, you’ll push your abs – and pain thresh­old – to the max.

STAND­ING KET­TLE­BELL TRI­CEPS EX­TEN­SION 10 REPS FFOLLOWED BY 10 REPS OFF STAR JUMPSJ Next, xt, stand d with your back straight,s hold­ing the ket­tle­bell over your shoul­ders, your arms form­ing a right an­gle by your head (A). Squeeze your tri­ceps to lift...

HINDU PRESS- UP 3 SETS, 10 REPS 30SEC REST A few rounds of this ex­er­cise will ease ten­sion be­fore turn­ing in. Start with hands and feet flat on the ground, glutes raised to form an in­verted V. Push through the hips to lower un­til you form a tra­di­tional...

Hold­ing a ket­tle­bell in one hand, lower through your hips, keep­ing your back straight (A). Ex­plode up, bring­ing the ket­tle­bell into a curl (B). Switch arms and re­peat. Don’t just use mo­men­tum – these should be two dis­tinct move­ments.

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