Robert Ca­ble over­came plateaus and ob­sta­cles by en­list­ing the help of a per­sonal trainer buddy

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Robert Ca­ble crushed plateaus and ob­sta­cles by re­cruit­ing the help of a per­sonal trainer (and good friend).

There’s noth­ing sneakier than weight gain. Yes, if you’re look­ing at a scale daily you’ll no­tice kilo­gram creep, but the re­al­i­sa­tion hap­pens most of­ten when your clothes get tight and your face and body look swollen in pho­tos. For the most part, the fat gain hap­pens quickly and qui­etly. Due to a few tough events, in July 2016 Robert Ca­ble was forced to take stock of his life, and it made him re­alise that his weight gain and un­healthy life­style were af­fect­ing him both men­tally and phys­i­cally. With the help of his friend and per­sonal trainer, Ti­aan Vis­agie, here’s how he fixed it all:


“My big­gest is­sue was that I never ex­er­cised, and that lack of sport and move­ment was a prob­lem from me from the start. Even though I played rugby in high school, as a prop I didn’t re­ally run around much. I also had re­ally un­healthy eat­ing habits, ex­chang­ing fruits and veg­gies for sweets and junk food. Binge eat­ing was part of my daily rou­tine, and drink­ing hap­pened ev­ery week­end.”

THE LES­SON You can’t be per­fect, but you need to strive for bal­ance in your life. Yes, you’re al­lowed to watch the game and have a beer with your mates, but it’s all about mod­er­a­tion.


“I hit rock bot­tom in July 2016. I went through a re­ally tough time in my life, and I thought that los­ing weight would’ve fixed my prob­lems. And even though los­ing the bad weight didn’t fix all of the prob­lems I faced, it def­i­nitely made my life a whole lot bet­ter. I be­gan my weight-loss jour­ney by count­ing kilo­joules, and by re­strict­ing my­self strictly to eat only 6 300 kilo­joules a day.”

THE LES­SON Tough times force change in your life, and it’s up to you to make that change positive or neg­a­tive. Cre­ate the right train­ing and life goals, and you’ll come out the other side a bet­ter per­son (and a whole lot slim­mer and stronger).


“Af­ter los­ing my first 10kg, I hit a plateau, and my weight loss came to an abrupt halt. I felt dis­cour­aged, and didn’t know what to do. Thank­fully, I re­mem­bered that my good friend Ti­aan Vis­agie had re­cently be­come a per­sonal trainer, and so I de­cided to use his ex­per­tise to help me lose weight and build mus­cle in a healthy, sus­tain­able way.”

THE LES­SON Whether it’s a di­eti­cian or a per­sonal trainer (or both), you need help from ex­perts. Not only do they have the knowl­edge you need, they will also help to hold you ac­count­able for your goals. Yes, it will cost you money; but you won’t get a bet­ter re­turn for that out­lay.


“Af­ter fol­low­ing the train­ing pro­gram and diet that Ti­aan pro­vided, I man­aged to lose over 25kg, and 18% body fat. I feel bet­ter than ever be­fore, and my con­fi­dence has sky­rock­eted! Even though I’m not where I want to be yet, I know that by fol­low­ing this path I’ll be there in no time!”

THE LES­SON Never give up. Even­tu­ally, re­sults will come; and they will be worth it. Most men give up too early. And you should re­cruit your friends and fam­ily into your train­ing plans – they’ll help to keep you hon­est and mo­ti­vated. Lastly, keep el­e­vat­ing your goals (es­pe­cially in your weight lift­ing) – you should always have some­thing to beat.

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