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Chicken, eggs, and other pro­tein-rich foods are more than just mus­cle­builders. A 2014 study pub­lished in the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Nutri­tion found that peo­ple who carry a vari­ant of the FTO gene linked with higher obe­sity risk had less ap­petite and fewer crav­ings when they ate a low-kilo­joule diet with 25 per cent pro­tein. Pro­tein fills you up and re­quires more en­ergy to digest than other nu­tri­ents do, says study au­thor Ge­orge Bray, of Pen­ning­ton Biomed­i­cal Re­search Cen­tre.

HIT THE SWITCH In­clude at least one pro­tein­rich com­po­nent, like chicken, shrimp, or peanuts, in ev­ery meal and snack. “Spread­ing pro­tein in­take through­out the day helps your body best utilise it for func­tion and re­build­ing af­ter ex­er­cise,” says di­eti­tian Re­becca Clyde.

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