We asked our food pros for their hot takes.

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1. Sriracha Su­per Sour Hot Chilli Sauce

CH E F E M M A N U E L KA Z I , C H E Y N E ’ S “Mixed with maple syrup, it be­comes the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of hot and sweet for meat dishes.”

2. Ber­tus Bas­son Smoked Chilli Sauce

OW N E R M A X B O T H A . HO K E Y P O K E “It packs rich smok­i­ness. Goes well with braais.”

3. Johnny Hexburg Chilli Sauce

OW N E R M A X B O T H A , HO K E Y P O K E “Not as fiery as the rest, but this one is ver­sa­tile. Mix with mayo to cre­ate a sand­wich spread that will last for days.”

4. Tabasco Orig­i­nal Red Sauce

OW N E R J A R R Y D SE G A L , J A R R Y D ’ S ES P R E S S O B A R “An ap­proach­able hot sauce with a vine­gary kick. Best with breakfast.”

5. Food by Andrew Draper Aged Sriracha

CHEFIV OR JONES, CHEFS WARE­HOUSE “Su­per-spicy, and goes with any­thing.”

6. El Burro Chipo­tle in Adobo Sauce

CHEFJ OH AN VANZYL, THALI “Smoked qual­ity adds lay­ers of flavour.”

7. Flam­ing Tiger Sriracha

CHEFJ OH AN VANZYL, THALI “Heavy on the gar­lic, mak­ing it the per­fect sea­son­ing.”

8. HQ Foods 2-in-1 Dhanya and Chilli Sauce

MEN’S HEALTH PICK “Sweet and spicy – use to slather your burg­ers, or mari­nade just about any­thing.”

9. Spicy Harissa Red Pep­per Paste

CHEFIV OR JONES, CHEFS WARE­HOUSE “A less fiery sauce that will up­grade your lamb shoul­der roast.”

10. Gabby’s Braz­zaKu Per­iPeri Sauce

ME N ’ S H E A LT H RU N N E R - U P “Smooth, rich and smoky – that means it’s spicy, but not pass-the-milk-or-Imight-pass-out hot.”

11 & 12. Hog­house Friendly Fire and Holy Smoke

CHEFPJV ADAS, HOG­HOUSE BREW­ING CO. “Friendly Fire is bal­anced in flavour and heat, great with fatty meats such as brisket and pork belly. Holy Smoke is for the diehard chilli afi­ciona­dos. Pairs well with ev­ery­thing, while cre­mat­ing your palate!”

13. Dic­ta­tor Orig­i­nal Chilli Rel­ish

OW N E R M A X B O T H A , HO K E Y P O K E “Packs tex­ture and body. Per­fect as a rel­ish; even bet­ter as a condi­ment for your steak.”

14. Johnny Hexburg BBQ Chilli

CHEFIV OR JONES, CHEFS WARE­HOUSE “Sweet and smoky, with a lit­tle kick.”

15. Food by Andrew Draper Dur­ban Spiced Oil

CH E F G R A H A M NE I L S O N , 9 T H AV EN U E BI S T R O “It’s great as a starter to a de­li­cious curry, for dress­ing up plain pasta, or sim­ply just as a dip for freshly baked bread.”

16. Tabasco Green Jalapeno Sauce-

C HE F D AV ID H I G G S, MA R B L E R E S TA UR A N T “I gen­uinely eat this on ev­ery­thing. I pre­fer it to the red Tabasco – it’s got more flavour. I put it on ev­ery­thing, from my breakfast to the cheese on my endof-the-month salty cracker snack.”

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