Do these three moves as a cir­cuit (in any or­der), com­plet­ing 5 to 10 reps of each ex­er­cise be­fore mov­ing on to the next. Stop 1 rep short of fail­ure or when your form de­clines; rest as needed. Do 3 cir­cuits, chang­ing your weights and rep num­bers each work

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Hang at arm’s length from a chin-up bar, us­ing an over­hand grip that’s slightly be­yond shoul­der width. Brac­ing your en­tire body, pull your chest up to the bar and squeeze your shoul­der blades to­gether. Pause and slowly lower your body back to the start­ing po­si­tion.

Medicine Ball Slam from Box

Grab a medicine ball and stand on a box or bench. Raise the ball over­head; then push your hips back as you slam it to the floor as hard as you can.

Bar­bell Land­mine Twist

Se­cure one end of a bar in a land­mine or the cor­ner of a room. Load a plate on the other end. Grab the loaded end and hold it out in front of you, your feet shoul­der-width apart. Arms straight, bring the bar to your right, piv­ot­ing your hips and feet. Then bring it to the left. Re­turn to cen­tre. That’s 1 rep.

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