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Do these iso­la­tion stroke drills, which hone row­ing tech­nique. Make sure to use a row­ing ma­chine that can track your calo­ries burned and me­tres rowed. A Con­cept2 is ideal.

Just Arms

Sit on the rower and grab the han­dle us­ing an over­hand grip. Fully ex­tend your legs and lean back slightly for the en­tire set; your torso should be in the 11 o’clock po­si­tion. Use your arms only to pull the han­dle back to your ster­num, squeez­ing your shoul­der blades. Row for 100 me­tres; then rest 40 sec­onds. That’s 1 set. Re­peat twice.

Torso and Arms

Start with your torso for­ward at the 1 o’clock po­si­tion. Your legs should re­main ex­tended. Hinge your torso back to 11 o’clock and pull with your arms; then re­turn to 1 o’clock. Do 100 me­tres; then rest 40 sec­onds. That’s 1 set; re­peat twice. Now row 750 me­tres with a full stroke. Fo­cus on tim­ing: legs move first, then torso trav­els back, then arms pull.

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