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Two Mos­sel Bay high s­chool he­ad­mas­ters ha­ve of­fe­red en­coura­ging words for ma­tri­cs who will start wri­ting their tri­al ex­ams on Mon­day, 4 Sep­tem­ber.

The ma­tri­cs re­a­ched the land­mark of 40 days left of s­chool a few weeks back, but t­he­re is a hard grind still to co­me.

T­hey wri­te A­fri­kaans li­te­ra­tu­re on Mon­day. Hil­l­crest Se­con­da­ry S­chool he­ad Da­vid Groe­ne­wald said: “I ha­ve no­ti­ced that le­ar­ners who know w­hat t­hey want to do w­hen t­hey le­a­ve s­chool are ent­hu­si­as­tic and fo­cu­sed. It helps. It puts them on a hig­her le­vel.”

But he al­so ex­pres­sed so­me con­cerns. Groe­ne­wald said ma­ny of his ma­tri­cs ca­me from dif­fi­cult ci­r­cum­stan­ces and 80% of the work t­hey had to do t­hey should fi­nish at s­chool be­cau­se t­hey li­ved in a­re­as w­he­re t­he­re we­re no re­sour­ces and al­so so­me did not ha­ve their own be­droom or a qui­et spa­ce to work. Their stu­dy ti­me was li­mi­ted and it me­ant t­hey didn’t pre­pa­re tho­roughly for tes­ts.

“Child­ren ha­ve a pro­blem with their sour­ces. So much is re­li­ant on the in­ter­net. Most pla­ces t­hey go to char­ge mo­ney for da­ta. T­his af­fects their marks, if t­hey a­ren’t a­ble to do re­se­arch, if t­hey can’t af­ford the mo­ney for it.”

A­not­her pro­blem was pa­rents’ lack of in­vol­vement. Groe­ne­wald said the s­chool wan­ted to help the pa­rents to help their child­ren, but pa­rents did not at­tend meet­ings at the s­chool. A­not­her pro­blem was that child­ren we­re dra­wn to ta­verns and batt­led to fo­cus. Groe­ne­wald has 125 ma­tri­cs at Hil­l­crest. He said Hil­l­crest was one of the schools vi­si­ted by ATKV re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves who had hel­ped with ma­tri­cs’ pre­pa­ra­ti­on and t­his had mo­ti­va­ted the le­ar­ners.

Point High S­chool he­ad Ko­bus Be­ster said: “E­very y­e­ar t­his ti­me we find the ma­tri­cs a bit de­mo­ti­va­ted. I am not su­re why. In the Ju­ne ex­ams their marks u­su­al­ly drop from the first term. “But ma­tri­cs need to rest as­su­red that u­su­al­ly their marks im­pro­ve af­ter that. T­hey do tri­al ex­ams from 4 to 29 Sep­tem­ber and t­hey are good pre­pa­ra­ti­on for the fi­nal ex­am, be­cau­se t­hey stu­dy all the work t­hey need to know for the fi­nal. “W­hen t­hey fi­nish the tri­als, we ha­ve a s­pring s­chool du­ring the Oc­to­ber ho­li­day – ex­tra work and clas­ses and then w­hen ex­ams start, t­hey will be re­a­dy.

“In Ju­ne the marks drop, then t­he­re is an im­pro­vement in Sep­tem­ber and then t­hey do bet­ter at the end y­e­ar. So­meti­mes t­he­re is e­ven a 10% im­pro­vement. We had a few who fai­led in Ju­ne. It hap­pens e­very y­e­ar. I re­al­ly think we will ha­ve a 100% pass ra­te at the end of y­e­ar.”

Se­ver­al at­tempts we­re ma­de to con­tact three ot­her high s­chool he­ads and mes­sa­ges we­re left for them but t­hey we­re either tra­vel­ling or in meet­ings with in­spec­tors or in cour­ses and did not re­turn calls.

Da­vid Groe­ne­wald with Hil­l­crest Se­con­da­ry S­chool’s he­ad­gi­rl Jo­di Baat­jies and the he­ad­boy, Re­a­bet­soe Le­soet­sa, who are re­a­dy for the tri­al ex­ams and who e­ven ha­ve an ap­ple for te­a­cher.

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