Dry start to sum­mer is fo­re­cast in E­den dis­trict

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It is pre­dicted that the gre­a­ter E­den a­rea will ex­pe­rien­ce a dry spring and start to sum­mer, the E­den Dis­trict Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty no­ted in a press re­le­a­se.

Sep­tem­ber to Oc­to­ber will be drier than nor­mal.

The South A­fri­can We­at­her fo­re­cas­ting ser­vi­ce sy­stem shows en­han­ced chan­ces for a­bo­ve-nor­mal rain­fall for the pe­ri­od al­ong the co­ast and ad­ja­cent in­te­ri­or of the Nort­hern Ca­pe, but on­ly s­lig­ht­ly a­bo­ve nor­mal for the wes­tern parts of the Wes­tern Ca­pe and s­lig­ht­ly be­low for the e­as­tern parts.

Oc­to­ber to De­cem­ber

For Oc­to­ber through to De­cem­ber, the pre­dicti­on is a­bo­ve the norm for both the Wes­tern and Nort­hern Ca­pe, ex­cept the ex­tre­me sout­hern parts of the Wes­tern Ca­pe w­he­re it is pro­jected to be s­lig­ht­ly be­low the norm, Ger­hard Ot­to, E­den Dis­trict Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s di­sas­ter ma­na­ge­ment ma­na­ger said.

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