Lo­cal gi­rls cho­sen for na­ti­o­nal rug­by camp

The gi­rls are tre­men­dous­ly ex­ci­ted that they will be co­ming ho­me from the camp with their S­pring­bok kit.

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Two Mos­sel Bay gi­rls ha­ve been in­clu­ded in the squad to at­tend an SA Rug­by Ju­ni­or Gi­rls’ high per­for­man­ce camp from 1 to 6 Oc­to­ber. The gi­rls - An­do­ne­sia Kie­tas and Ed­wa­li­ne Dick­son - are two of four South We­stern Dis­tricts gi­rls cho­sen for the camp in Paarl for U18s and U20s.

Kie­tas and Dick­son are both U18. The gi­rls are tre­men­dous­ly ex­ci­ted that they will be co­ming ho­me from the camp with their S­pring­bok kit. They both said they thank their co­ach for the ro­le he has play­ed in their success.

The ot­her two SWD gi­rls cho­sen are Sihle Bo­ko­da and An­to­ne­ca Han­nies of Ge­or­ge.

Ha­ving four gi­rls se­lected from SWD is no me­an fe­at con­si­de­ring ot­her re­gi­o­nal te­ams such as the Lim­po­po Blue Bulls, F­ree Sta­te, Gol­den Li­ons, G­rif­fons and Le­o­pards ha­ve had on­ly one play­er se­lected for the high per­for­man­ce camp.

Kie­tas told the Mos­sel Bay

Ad­ver­ti­ser this week that it had al­ways been her dre­am to play rug­by. “I told my mom I would we­ar the g­reen and gold one day,’’ she said. “Being cho­sen for the camp is a bles­sing from God,” the bub­bly 17-y­e­ar-old, who has been playing rug­by for on­ly a y­e­ar, said.

She plays tig­ht he­ad prop (num­ber 3). This Sao Bras le­ar­ner is in the hos­tel at the s­chool be­cau­se she li­ves in Brand­wag.

Dick­son, who was play­er of the tou­r­na­ment at a na­ti­o­nal gi­rls’ rug­by com­pe­ti­ti­on held in Wel­kom du­ring the Ju­ly s­chool ho­li­day, has been un­der in­structi­on of SWD gi­rls’ rug­by co­ach S­tan­ley Ka­ma.

Ka­ma says: “I star­ted co­a­ching Ed­wa­li­ne in 2016. She play­ed well, as if she had been playing for a long ti­me.” Dick­son has al­so on­ly been playing rug­by for a short whi­le - a­bout 15 mont­hs.

“She was playing at fly­half, but was chan­ged to num­ber 8 be­cau­se we re­a­li­sed she wan­ted to hand­le the ball mo­re, rat­her than set the ball up for ot­hers.

“She’s good. She’s tough and has a gre­at sen­se of hu­mour.”

Re­gar­ding Kie­tas, Ka­ma says: “She’s re­al­ly dis­ci­pli­ned and pas­si­o­na­te a­bout rug­by.” He is cur­rent­ly doing fit­ness trai­ning with the two gi­rls in pre­pa­ra­ti­on for the high per­for­man­ce camp. “They need to be su­per fit.” They train at the D’Al­mei­da sports fields cur­rent­ly.

South A­fri­can Rug­by U­ni­on Youth Trai­ning Cen­t­re (YTC) he­ad co­ach Ri­aan La­me­ly said: “All four of the SWD gi­rls who will at­tend the ju­ni­or high per­for­man­ce camp are U18s. And they will ac­tu­al­ly re­cei­ve their na­ti­o­nal co­lours but they can­not be cal­led S­pring­boks yet be­cau­se they are not yet 18 and they can­not play o­ver­se­as yet.”

La­me­ley said re­gar­ding Kie­tas and Dick­son: “I ha­ve been wor­king with them at pro­vin­ci­al (SWD) le­vel. The gi­rls can be­co­me full S­pring­boks w­hen they turn 18 - then they be­co­me se­ni­ors. They cer­tain­ly do ha­ve the po­ten­ti­al for this.

S­pea­king a­bout the tre­men­dous gro­wth in in­te­rest in school­gi­rl rug­by, La­me­ley said: “In SWD mo­re than 600 gi­rls are ta­king part

in rug­by cur­rent­ly. W­hen we star­ted in Ja­nu­a­ry last y­e­ar, it was with on­ly 50 gi­rls spre­ad o­ver the U18 and U16 age groups, so ju­ni­or gi­rls’ rug­by has re­al­ly gro­wn fast.”

P­ho­tos: Lin­da S­parg

Ed­wa­li­ne Dick­son and An­do­ne­sia Kie­tas.

Ind­we Se­con­da­ry S­chool is proud of its rug­by s­tar, Ed­wa­li­ne Dick­son. He­re are (from left) de­pu­ty prin­ci­pal T­he­re­sa Li­cha­ba, prin­ci­pal Mi­cha­el N­qo­ba, SWD schools rug­by co­ach S­tan­ley Ka­ma who is lif­ting up Dick­son and Ind­we rug­by co­ach Du­mi­sa­ni To­ko (bro­wn le­at­her jac­ket) with so­me of the Ind­we te­a­chers.

Well do­ne! An­do­ne­sia Kie­tas (cen­t­re) with so­me of her friends out­si­de the Sao Bras hos­tel.

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