Lo­cal rock group’s new vi­deo

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Lo­cal rock out­fit Van Ko­nings are re­a­dy to re­le­a­se the mu­sic vi­deo of their song, Lost, which will go li­ve af­ter the long wee­kend.

Lo­cal fans can look for­ward to he­a­ring this grip­ping song on Tu­es­day, 26 Sep­tem­ber as the vi­deo, which can al­so be vie­wed on www. mos­sel­ba­y­ad­ver­ti­ser.com, will go li­ve.

Van Ko­nings front man, Le­on van Rens­burg, a well-kno­wn sur­fer and sand­bo­ar­der, said in an e­ar­lier in­ter­view with the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser, that Van Ko­nings are al­so wor­king on re­le­a­sing an al­bum which will in­clu­de both A­fri­kaans and En­g­lish son­gs.

Lost, fil­med and e­di­ted by Wes­sel van Heer­den, a staf­fer at the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser’s sis­ter pu­bli­ca­ti­on, Ge­or­ge He­rald, said he was ex­tre­me­ly hap­py with the end pro­duct. Van Heer­den al­so shot Van Ko­nings’ pre­vi­ous mu­sic vi­deo, Og­gend Son.

Ac­cor­ding to Van Rens­burg, Van Ko­nings’ mu­sic is me­ant to stri­ke a chord with lis­te­ners. “We want to tell s­to­ries that ma­ke pe­op­le think.” Lost is set to do just this. With sce­nes shot in the fi­re-ra­va­ged Knys­na a­rea, the mu­sic vi­deo al­so fe­a­tu­res young acting ta­lent from Mos­sel Bay’s Milk­wood Pri­ma­ry S­chool.

Ac­cor­ding to Van Rens­burg, jud­ging from acti­vi­ty on so­ci­al me­dia, the mu­sic vi­deo’s re­le­a­se on Tu­es­day, is highly an­ti­ci­pa­ted.

Fol­low the Van Ko­nings fa­ce­book pa­ge for re­gu­lar up­da­tes le­a­ding to the re­le­a­se of Lost next week.

Bud­ding young ac­tors had a chan­ce to shi­ne in Van Ko­nings’ new mu­sic vi­deo due for re­le­a­se next week, Tu­es­day, 26 Sep­tem­ber.

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