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The East Re­gi­on of the De­mo­cra­tic Al­li­an­ce in the We­stern Ca­pe t­his wee­kend held a success­ful re­gi­o­nal An­nu­al Ge­ne­ral Meet­ing in Har­ten­bos.

A to­tal of 258 vo­ting de­le­ga­tes par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the e­lecti­ve AGM a­he­ad of the pro­vin­ci­al con­gress to be held on 7 Oc­to­ber.

Ja­co Londt was re-e­lected as the re­gi­o­nal chai­r­per­son.

The po­si­ti­on of chai­r­per­son was con­te­sted by Me­mo­ry Booy­sen and Ja­co Londt. Londt won with 67,3% (173 vo­tes), whi­le Booy­sen ma­na­ged to se­cu­re 32,7% - 84 - of the vo­tes. Booy­sen was e­lected as one of three re­gi­o­nal de­pu­ty chai­r­per­sons.

Can­di­da­tes from a­cross the DA's east re­gi­on con­te­sted the va­ri­ous po­si­ti­ons.


East Re­gi­o­nal Chai­r­per­son: Ja­co Londt; East Re­gi­o­nal De­pu­ty Chai­r­per­sons: Me­mo­ry Booy­sen, E­le­a­no­re Bouw-S­pies and Dr An­ne­lie Ra­bie

East Re­gi­o­nal C­hair of Fi­nan­ce: Mos­sel Bay de­pu­ty ma­yor Dirk Kot­zé was re-e­lected with 80,9% of the vo­ting sup­port.

East Re­gi­o­nal Se­cre­ta­ry: Ter­tuis Sim­mers with al­most 75% of the vo­te.

East Re­gi­on Ad­di­ti­o­nal Mem­bers (four po­si­ti­ons): S­tag Cron­je, Su­meia N­dayi, Grant Ridd­les and A­let­ta T­heron.

Re­gi­o­nal Non-Pu­blic Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves to Fe­de­ral Coun­cil: S­chaun Mey­ers and El­ri­co van Rooy­en. Re­gi­o­nal ADAC / Fe­de­ral Coun­cil Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve: Ru­dolph S­mith.

The DA le­a­ders­hip te­am in the run-up to the 2019 e­lecti­on was cho­sen at a con­fe­ren­ce held in Har­ten­bos t­his past wee­kend. Ja­co Londt (se­cond from left, back) was re-e­lected as c­hair for the DA east re­gi­on. Mos­sel Bay de­pu­ty ma­yor Dirk Kot­ze (far rig­ht)...

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