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The new re­gi­o­nal Pin­na­cle Point ce­me­te­ry was re­cent­ly com­ple­ted and han­ded o­ver to the Mos­sel Bay Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty by the con­trac­tors, Entsha Hen­ra.

"As most of the ot­her ce­me­te­ries in the Mos­sel Bay mu­ni­ci­pal ju­ris­dicti­on will re­ach ca­pa­ci­ty within the next cou­ple of y­e­ars, t­his will soon be the on­ly ce­me­te­ry a­vai­la­ble for fu­ne­ral and bu­ri­al pur­po­ses for all of the re­si­dents in the gre­a­ter Mos­sel Bay mu­ni­ci­pal a­rea. With land a­vai­la­bi­li­ty being a ma­jor dif­fi­cul­ty, it is most un­li­ke­ly that smal­ler ce­me­te­ries will be esta­blis­hed in ot­her a­re­as," the di­rec­tor of com­mu­ni­ty ser­vi­ces, E­li­ze Nel told the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser.

The R7 mil­li­on mul­ti-y­e­ar pro­ject was star­ted in 2006. It ex­clu­des the cos­ts of the re­gu­la­to­ry en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact as­ses­sment and ot­her cos­ts for obtai­ning ap­pro­val for the de­ve­lop­ment of the ce­me­te­ry. The ce­me­te­ry con­sis­ts of 19-hec­ta­res of land for gra­ve-si­tes and is cen­tral­ly lo­ca­ted just to the south of Lou­is Fou­rie Ro­ad.

The new ce­me­te­ry is re­a­dy for use alt­hough it is ex­pected on­ly to be o­pe­ra­ti­o­nal in 2018 or e­ven e­ar­ly 2019, de­pen­ding on the ra­te the ot­her ce­me­te­ries are u­sed. The new si­te con­sis­ts of va­ri­ous rows of spa­ce for gra­ve­si­tes, an a­blu­ti­on block in­clu­ding toi­lets and ramps to ma­ke it acces­si­ble for all, pa­ved ro­ads and a fen­ce, ma­king the ce­me­te­ry sa­fe and u­ser-friend­ly for all.

Con­trac­tor Ma­ri­us Bar­nard of Entsha Hen­ra (midd­le) of­fi­ci­al­ly hands o­ver the new ce­me­te­ry to Mos­sel Bay exe­cu­ti­ve ma­yor, al­der­man Har­ry Le­ven­dal. With them are ot­her mu­ni­ci­pal of­fi­ci­als and ro­le play­ers.

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