U­nu­su­al pe­li­can sig­hting at Mos­sel Bay

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The dust has scar­ce­ly sett­led a­mong bi­rd lo­vers fol­lo­wing the ex­ci­te­ment of sig­hting a knob-bil­led duck at Litt­le Brak Ri­ver in Ju­ne, w­hen a­not­her re­gi­o­nal ra­ri­ty in the form of an im­ma­tu­re g­re­at w­hi­te pe­li­can was ob­ser­ved on a farm ne­ar Litt­le Brak Ri­ver for the first ti­me re­cent­ly.

The g­re­at w­hi­te pe­li­can, a ne­ar-thre­a­tened bi­rd spe­cies, nor­mal­ly occurs al­ong the South A­fri­can west co­ast, the K­waZu­lu-Na­tal co­ast and at in­land wa­ters furt­her north as well as in Botswa­na and Na­mi­bia, but t­he­re ap­pear to be no pre­vi­ous­ly re­cor­ded sig­htings of the­se bi­rds in the Mos­sel Bay a­rea or in the Sout­hern Ca­pe. A pink-bac­ked pe­li­can was, ho­we­ver, re­cor­ded in the Wil­der­ness a­rea in the 1980’s.

The sig­hting of the g­re­at w­hi­te pe­li­can at Litt­le Brak Ri­ver was al­so ackno­w­led­ged in the South A­fri­can Ra­re Bi­rd News Re­port last week on 21 Sep­tem­ber. The bi­rd was still pre­sent at a farm dam next to the gra­vel ro­ad from Litt­le Brak Ri­ver to Oudts­hoorn on 26 Sep­tem­ber.

P­ho­to: Har­ry Hill

T­his ra­re vi­si­tor, a g­re­at w­hi­te pe­li­can, has got bi­rd lo­vers in Mos­sel Bay all ex­ci­ted.

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