We all ha­ve so­mething to sho­w­ca­se

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Vuyo M­fum­be from K­waNon­qa­ba, wri­tes:

We are dif­fe­rent co­lours but we are one na­ti­on. We all ha­ve so­mething to sho­w­ca­se. On Sun­day, 24 Sep­tem­ber, South A­fri­ca will ce­le­bra­te He­ri­ta­ge Day.

Ge­mi­ni So­lu­ti­ons hos­ted a free cul­tu­ral and di­ver­si­ty p­ho­to shoot to ce­le­bra­te our di­ver­si­ty in Mos­sel Bay. So­me of the beau­ti­ful tra­di­ti­o­nal out­fits we ha­ve in South A­fri­ca from the Sotho, S­wa­ti, X­ho­sa, In­di­an, Voor­trek­ker, X­ho­sa, and Ven­da cul­tu­res we­re sho­w­ca­sed.

It was a beau­ti­ful day. Ge­mi­ni did a vi­deo with me re­pre­sen­ting Vuyol­wet­hu M­fum­be En­ter­tai­n­ment, in­ter­vie­wing pe­op­le from dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res. We ha­ve much to ce­le­bra­te. We u­sed to be di­vi­ded, but now we are u­ni­ted in our beau­ti­ful di­ver­se coun­try. It's ti­me to ce­le­bra­te our 11 of­fi­ci­al lan­gua­ges, our na­ti­o­nal he­ri­ta­ge si­tes, South A­fri­can de­li­ci­ous dis­hes, mu­sic, dan­ce, art. Be proud of who you are. If you don’t know w­he­re you co­me from you will ne­ver know w­he­re you are going.

A big thank you to our lo­ve­ly mo­dels of the day who re­pre­sen­ted their cul­tu­res. Reg­gie Ge­bhu­za re­pre­sen­ted the Sotho cul­tu­re, Mrs Vuyi­si­le Ng­we­nya re­pre­sen­ted the S­wa­ti tri­be, Mrs Zin­gi Ntshwan­ti re­pre­sen­ted a­maX­ho­sa, Na­di­ne C­het­ty re­pre­sen­ted the In­di­an cul­tu­re, C­ris­sie van Bil­jon re­pre­sen­ted the Boer / Voor­trek­ker cul­tu­re, K­ho­da­ni Ram­bau C­hau­ke re­pre­sen­ted the Ven­da tri­be.

You can lis­ten to my He­ri­ta­ge Day in­ter­views on you­tu­be at https://you­tu­be/RYNQJ7_JTDk

Dan­kie, En­ko­si, thank you to our he­ri­ta­ge mo­dels of the day for joi­ning us in the stu­dio. Thank you, Ge­mi­ni So­lu­ti­ons' F­rie­da van der Walt who is wor­king with lo­cal mo­dels and ar­tis­ts and doing com­mu­ni­ty u­plift­ment work with me.

I am a proud am­bas­sa­dor of cul­tu­re and chan­ge, acting as a g­roo­m­ing step­ping sto­ne for lo­cal new mo­dels. If you ha­ve an in­spi­ring sto­ry to share, con­tact me at 064 401 3751 (W­hat­sApp).

P­ho­to: Ge­mi­ni So­lu­ti­ons

Vuyo M­fum­be, for­mer Mr We­stern Ca­pe and F­rie­da van der Walt from Ge­mi­ni So­lu­ti­ons broug­ht to­get­her dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res in ce­le­bra­ti­on of He­ri­ta­ge Day.

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